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  • Zhivin day - May 1

    Zhiva (Alive)

    First day of May, spring begins midnight Slavic holiday - Zhivin day. Alive (short form of the name Zhivena or Ziewonia, which means "life-giving") - the goddess of life, spring, fertility, birth, rye, corn. Frets daughter, wife Dazhbog. Goddess of spring and life in all its manifestations. She - the giver of Life Force Rod, which makes all life itself alive.

    Alive - the goddess of life-giving forces of nature, bubbling spring water, the first green shoots, and the patroness of young girls and young women. When Christianity goddess cult was replaced by the cult alive Paraskeva.

    In Zhivin day women took the broom, commit ritual dance around a fire, clearing the place of evil spirits. Thus they glorify live that animates nature, sending to Earth the spring. All jumping through fire, free of delusions (forces Navi) after a long winter:

    Who can jump high
    The one death away.

    Here are started merrymaking and being merry dance around a fire:

    Kolo yari light zarim
    Mara borem, thank Yarylo,
    Yarylo, show your power!

    Play a story, tells of the journey into the world of Navi and return to reality. With the onset of morning pastries help themselves as larks live birds released from the cells into the open, encouraging spring:

    Zhavoronushki, fly!
    We are tired of winter and then
    Ate a lot of bread!
    You fly and carry
    Red spring, summer is hot!

    The entire first day of the upcoming Herbal devote rest. On this day, in the evening to throw ceremonial fires along the banks of rivers, swimming, purifying cold spring water.