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    Yarylo Wet, Troyan. Tribogov Day. Tribog. Triglav

    Trojan (Tribogov Day) - a holiday late spring and early summer, when replacing Mladen Yarily spring comes Trisvetly Dazhdbog. Svyatoden dedicated to the victory of God over the Black Serpent Troyan. In this time of praise Rodnoverie Svarog Triglav - Svarog, Perun, Veles, strong in the Government, Reveal and Navi. According to legends, the Trojan was the embodiment of the power of Svarog, Perun and Veles, joined forces in the fight against the Serpent, a product Chernobog, once threatened to destroy all Tremire.

    Triglav foreign chroniclers considered one of the numerous host of Slavic gods, not realizing that this is the main character expressed the very essence of our ancient faith: God is one, but it has many manifestations. Most often, these are three main entities: Svarog, Perun and Svyatovit (Sventovit). In "Boyanova hymn" narrated:

    ... Triglav bow my head before!
    So we started
    He sang of great glory,
    Svarog - Father of the Gods praise,
    What awaits us.
    Svarog - Senior God Family of God
    and the whole family - forever spouting fountain ...
    And the Thunderbolts - God Perun,
    God of battles and fighting ...
    And we glory Sventovitu advertisements.
    He is both a right and Reveal God!
    The songs we sing to Him, because Sventovit - is Light.

    Therefore, we can say that any statue Slavic gods it is the Triglav. For this reason, many deities were portrayed many faces, and the German chronicler named Triglav "the greatest" god of the Slavs. Triglav revered by all Slavs, but some people worshiped him especially. The city Stetina, near the source of healing, in the home of three sacred hills, stood on high poles, covered with black cloth, the magnificent temple of Triglav. At the foot of the statue were the only treasure chest - a tenth of the spoils of war.

    A statue of the Triune God was veiled, and on the lips and his eyes were gold armbands. It was believed that Triglav vigilantly monitors all realms: law, reality and Navyu. Sight of God and his word is so powerful that they could have easily broken the barriers between the worlds are thin.

    Then worlds, confused, would be interchanged, and that meant the offensive end of the world. Therefore Triglav smarm many priests who saw to it that his statue has always been firmly closed with a cloth and the will of God they set out for yourself. Used for predictions and black horses Triglav.

    Triglav on the facade of Indian temple

    Image Triglav could differ significantly from each other in size. In Gostkove, for example, he was so great, that the conquerors could not overturn it, even with a few pairs of oxen. In Julia's this god, cast in gold, was so small that it was hidden from the advancing knights in a hollow tree.

    The idea of ​​the triune god was known and the Aryan Hindus, where it was called Trimurti. Sculpture consisting of three main Hindu gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (in our opinion - the barman, the Most High, and Siva). Thus, in one nature connected with three major functions of creation (Brahma), storage (Vishnu) and destruction (Shiva). Slavic-Russian idea was different: the creation (Svarog), TORT (Perun) and the divine light (Svyatovit). Destruction could be applied only in exceptional cases, as a punishment for non-compliance with the divine law of life.

    Below Triglav were Belobog Chernobog and who are in constant battle with each other: light dimmed in the impending darkness, and the darkness dispelled dawn; replace sadness hurry joy after cruelty and envy was time unselfish and good works. First God portrayed wise gray-bearded and white-haired old man, the second - the ugly skeletal "Koshcheev." However Bjelobog Chernobog and revered in equal measure. In Pomerania towering mountain called Bjelobog. In Poland, it is places like Byalobozhe Byalobozhnitsa and in the Czech Republic - Belozhitse in Ukrainian Galicia - Belbozhnitsa. Near Moscow, near Radonezh Bjelobog sanctuary there, and in Kostroma Orthodox Holy Trinity Monastery Belobozhsky retained in its name the name of the ancient god of light and heat.

    Particularly honored the god in Belarus, where it was called Belunom. It believed that the person who is lost in the woods necessarily home-bearded old man, like a magician. In a happy moment Belarusians said: "Like Belunom friends with." Or "dark in the woods without Beluna."

    Chronicler Gelmold told that medieval glory at banquets were allowed through the ranks with the intoxicating cup of honey and swore Bjelobog and Czernebog. A wooden statue of the latter in the form of a humanoid beast with a runic inscription in language Pomeranian Slavs "Tsarni bu" ("Black God") - has long stood in the German city of Hamburg. Chernobog considered evil. In Ukraine, there was strong curse: "And so you killed a black god!"

    Very interesting legend about the two remained in the land of the gods, the Don. Cossacks believed Belyakov Cherniak - twin brothers, who always follows the man and his deeds are recorded in a special book. Good "records" Belobog, evil - his brother. Nothing can hide from their watchful eye, but if you repent, then the record of poor practice will fade, but not disappear completely - it should read God after death. In the mournful hour brothers become visible, and then dying Belobog said: "There is nothing for the son to finish your business." A Chernobog always grimly adds, "And he, too, not all will be able to finish." Gemini accompany the soul to the other world before the Court, and then return to earth to accompany the next baby before he died.

    Some researchers see Bjelobog symbol of the Aryan faith, Czernebog - Shiva, the Destroyer. Others point out that Belobog walked in a white dress with black patches and Chernobog - all black, but the white patches on their clothes. That's how the Eastern symbols of Yin and Yang - the two forces that, one after another, moving the world in the eternal cycle of life in black and white. Reveal the world - is an eternal field of battle, place test people. Heaven only the right of free from the darkness, and does not know Nav Light. Brothers and Belobog Chernobog everywhere follow the person and recorded in the book of fate all his deeds, good and bad. Later, they were replaced by a guardian angel, standing behind the right shoulder, and the devil - for the left.

    On this day commemorated the ancestors of old and worked charms of atrocities perpetrated by mermaids and restless souls "hostage" of the dead (dead "do not own", that is, an unnatural death). Night Trojan girls and women "opahivali" village, so oberechsya from evil forces.

    People say:
    "With wind of the day than with one of the sky - from the ground is warm,"
    "The Holy Spirit will come - will be on the court, as the stove."

    According to popular belief, this day as a mortal fear of evil spirits, and before the sunrise on Whit opens Cheese Mother Earth its secrets, so healers go at this time, "naslushivat treasures." As on Yarily Spring, the dew in the day is considered sacred and healing.

    After introductions the rite "tonsure" for boys, initiation into warriors. Next, arrange a feast in the field. Relieve all the ritual: sweets, eggs, pies. Bring in the required ritual beer. Before the games that has a story or play the old tradition. Obligatory love merrymaking and dancing.

    After a day usually set Yarily hot weather days to seven.