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  • Yarylo Spring - April 23

    Yarylo Spring

    You saved skotinushku,
    Our sirotinushku,
    All zhivotinushku,
    In the field, and a field
    In the forest, but the forest,
    In the woods around the corner,
    For broad dales,
    Give you the cattle grass so water
    A wicked bear stump yes deck!

    With this sentence the youth avoided yards early in the morning on the day when the first time after a long and cold winter cattle officially put out to pasture, the so-called Yarilin dew.

    Front pasture cattle, animal owners stroked the ridge dyed red or yellow-green egg, which then gave gifts to the shepherd. After that, the cattle were driven willow branches in the yard and fed "Bleater" - special bread. Before the pasture from the yard at his feet cattle laid belt that she stepped over him. This was done to ensure that the cattle knew the way home. Herded cattle to dry dew.

    Asked Yarily - patron of shepherds, guardian of livestock and Wolf Shepherd - oberech cattle from every beast of prey.

    Shepherd hums the horn, signaling the start of the ceremony people "bypass", and then, picking up the screen, three bypasses herd deosil (to life) and three times widdershins (to death).

    After correctly performed the ceremony around the herd lined up an invisible magic hedge, which protected "from the snake creeping from the mighty bear, the wolf Beguchev." After that, the magic circle is closed iron lock. The day is also held an important ceremony - Otmykanie Earth, or in other words - was born.

    On this day Yarila "unlocks" (fertilized) Mother Earth and Cheese produces dew, followed by a rapid growth of grasses. On Yarily plowed farmland, said: "At Yarily plow leaves and lazy."

    From that day began spring wedding. Men and women rode through the fields, hoping with miraculous dew to become strong and healthy. Evening ended general festivities.