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  • Whit Monday (beginning Rusal weeks) - May 27

    Feast of Wil and madder, Moisture Earth begins with honoring the ancestors, who are invited to stay in the house, at the corners of the house throwing fresh birch twigs.

    It is also a day of remembrance and communion with water, meadow and forest navyami - Rusal spirits of sorts. According to legend, mermaids and Rusal are those who died prematurely, not an adult, or died voluntarily.

    Women hold secret ceremonies, leaving agriculture to men sometimes for a whole week. And having children leave for Rusal kids in the field or on the branches at the old sources odezhku their children, towels, linens. Rusal must appease spirits, and not molested children and other relatives, to promote the fertility of our fields, meadows and forests, drink their juices Earth.

    According to legend, during the week mermaid mermaids can be seen near the river, on the flowering fields, in gardens, and, of course, at the crossroads and cemeteries. It was said that while dancing mermaids perform ceremonies associated with the protection of crops. They could and to punish those who tried to work on a holiday: trample sprouted ears, sent a bad harvest, rain, storms or droughts.

    Meeting with the mermaid promised untold riches or misfortune turned around. Mermaids to fear girls, and children. It was believed that mermaids could lead the child into his dance, tickle or danced to death. Therefore, during the week mermaid children and women is strictly forbidden to go out in the field or in the meadow. If during the mermaid week (week after Trinity is in Christianity) died or were dying children, they said that they had been taken to her mermaid.

    To guard against Rusal omens, it was necessary to carry a sharp-smelling plants: wormwood, horseradish and garlic.