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  • Vodopol (Merman birthday) - April 3


    This holiday, even more likely, the rite is very old, originated in Russia during the period of dual faith. Sometimes called Vodopol Pereplutom, Happy Water, water or name-day Nikita Vodopolom, but the essence remains the same - on the third day of flowering (April 3) in Russia Full Tilt awakening from hibernation water, mermaids and all water animals.

    With the arrival of spring and the awakening of nature awakens from hibernation and water. During the long cold winter grandfather Water weak and hungry. Awake, water immediately wants to profit with something, and then go take a look at so inspect their water kingdom.

    On this day, at midnight, anglers come to eat and water to appease the Water-grandfather.

    They say that the fishermen were treated water, utaplivaya horse and saying, "Here you are, my grandfather, a housewarming fairing: love, zhaluy our family." For this case, bought from Roma most worthless horse. When fishermen appease his good gifts, horse, he resigns himself, guards the fish luring a great deal of fish from other rivers, rescues fishermen from the storm and the sinking, not tear seines and fantasies.

    In some areas, fishermen give Merman gifts, pouring oil into the river, saying, "Here you are, my grandfather, a housewarming goodies. Love yes zhaluy our family. "

    At about this time the Slavs began expecting ice and river flooding. On this occasion, there was also a sign: when the day fishermen brought Water-feed, be sure to notice it: "If the ice that day will not touch, then the fish catch this year will be lean."