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  • Velesichi (Kudesy) - Day brownie - February 10

    Velesichi (Kudesy) - Day brownie

    Kudesy - Day treats brownie. Brownie - zapechnik, pribautnik, cricket patron. The name of the holiday - Kudesy (diamonds) - indicates that our ancestors communicated with brownies or just having fun, delighting hearing the music:

    Grandpa susedushka!
    Eat porridge, but keep our house!

    If grandfather susedushka Kudesy to remain without gifts, what kind of guardian of the hearth, it will become quite fierce spirit. After dinner, leave behind the stove a pot of porridge, topped with hot coals to porridge not cooled until midnight, when the house will eat.

    On this day, he is revered as Velez and his army. Explains the origin of velesichey, celestial warriors of Veles. Usually velesichey revered children Veles Svarozhich who obeyed Velez - head of the heavenly host.

    But among them there are those who have gone from heaven to earth and dwelt among men: it's ancient warriors: volotomany, asilki, spirits ancestors and the spirits of forests, fields, water and mountains. Those who were in the forest - were leshimi who is in the water - the water, who in the field - the field, and who is in the house - houses.

    Brownie - the spirit of good-natured. Usually it - zealous owner to help knit family. Sometimes vrednichaet, naughty, if it is not to their liking. He frightens those who do not care of the household and livestock. On this day, house-fed porridge, leaving it on zagnetke. Feed, saying:

    Host-father, take our mess!
    And eat cake - take care of our house!

    In some areas, the festival is celebrated on January 28.