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  • Veles day - February 11

    Veles day

    Veles day - the middle of winter. All nature is still in an ice dream. Only lone Velez Korovin, playing in his magic flute, walking-is haunting cities and villages, not letting people become sad. Marin-mad winter in Veles, puffing on a frost, and the cattle "cows death," but he can not overcome.

    Settlers in the day drop down the livestock water.

    Young women in this day strong drink honey to "cows were affectionate," and then beat their husbands head (board for spinning flax) to "oxen were obedient." On this day, at intervals brought butter.

    After introductions, women perform the ritual opahivaniya to flush "cow of death." To do this, select poveschalka, which is instructing all home: "It's time to calm the cow's mettle!". Women wash their hands with water and wiped them away with towels, which is poveschalka. Then poveschalka orders masculinity - "do not go out of the house for disaster is great."

    Poveschalka with a scream - "Ah! Ah "- a slap in the pan in and out of the village. It is followed by a woman with tongs, pomelkami, sickles and clubs. Poveschalka, throwing off his shirt, speaks with the violence of an oath to "cow's death." Poveschalke wear a collar, harness and drive up the plow. Then, with lighted Lucino thrice opahivayut village (temple) "mezhevodnoy" groove. Women follow poveschalkoy on broomsticks in their shirts with her hair.

    Woe to him who will fall during the march forward, whether animal or human. Meet the beaten mercilessly with sticks, suggesting that his image is hidden "cow's death." In ancient times, those falling towards beaten to death. It is difficult to believe that women suspected of evil intent, tied in a sack with a cat and a rooster, and then buried in the ground or drowned.

    At the end of the procession came the ceremonial battle Veles and madder. Cheered the crowd by shouting, "Velez, knocking the horn of winter!" Groom, dressed Welles (Turiya mask, skin, spear), knocks "horn with madder." Then begins the feast, which was forbidden to eat beef, accompanied by merrymaking.