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    Trojan Winter

    Trojan winter - an important date for the ancient Slavs. This day is the day our ancestors military glory, when many Russian soldiers fell by the Roman soldiers in the Danube region, the Trojans Vala (the etymology of the name is not clear until now). Rather, Trojan Val was a defensive embankment, but maybe this place was built a small outpost.

    Those soldiers fought, not to lay down arms and not flinch. This holiday is also known as "Stribozhi grandchildren", "in remembrance of the fallen Vala Troyanov."

    Unfortunately, today largely unknown stories of heroic achievement in Trojans Vala, including - the exact date (about 101 AD) and other details. This episode in the history of ancient clearly mentioned in the Book of Veles, and praised the "Lay":

    "The fact the Romans were jealous of us, and considered evil in us - came with their carts and iron armor and hit for us, and so long fought against them and drove them from our land, and the Romans, seeing that we strongly defend their lives, left us "(Veles book).

    "And they are well on the way to the funeral feast perished and Stribogovy grandchildren danced on them, and cry about them fall, and icy winter of them owed. And so wonderful pigeons say they died gloriously and left their land are not enemies, but his sons. And so we are descendants of them, and we do not lose our land "(Veles book).

    Ancient warriors thought about the descendants of Slavs and the Glory of Russian lands - they were not afraid of death, and went into battle, even avoiding thoughts of betrayal, retreat or surrender of the enemy.

    So let us, and we deserve the lives of our ancestors - the earliest times of the Slavs was taken on that day to do something heroic, dangerous, good for the country or the family at the table and remember the brave soldiers.