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  • The birth of the god Vyshny Perun - June 21

    Svarog and his mother give birth Swa god Perun. He is born after the mother of Swa - Lada - eating pike, which embodied Rod. At the birth of the god thunder, earth shall reel crumbling mountain. People say:

    Perun-Stratilat thunderstorms rich.
    Then thunder resounded in the sky,
    Then flashed lightning in the clouds -
    And come to light, like lightning,
    Son of Svarog Perun the Thunderer!
    "Perun Veda"

    God Perun in understanding the Slavs became the main god of the pantheon, representing the military strength and the patron of warriors, heroes and princes. He was subject to the elements of nature, and some areas of people's lives. Perun - is primarily a god of thunder, thunder. In spring storm early man saw the life-giving source of the renewal of nature, hence the primary role of Perun. God Perun was armed with a club, an ax and a bow, which he shot his arrows on the ground, lightning.

    God Perun is also often associated with the cult of water, wood, and stone. He is considered the founder of the heavenly fire, which descends to earth, gives life. With the onset of spring warmth he fertilizes the earth by rain and displays bright sun behind the clouds. Thanks to his efforts the world every time as if reborn. According to some legends, lightning Perun were of two kinds: violet-blue, "dead", smashing to death, and gold - "live", create and evoke earthly fertility.