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  • Svarog Day - September 21

    Svarog Day

    Farrier came feast - Svarog. By that time the ceremonies were closing Svarga (interrupt vital connection between Heaven and Earth). Land gradually binds abyss of cold, influence of the gods of light falls.

    Land remains in the care of god Veles. So that people can survive difficult times, the god Svarog gave them the ax, art craft.

    So on this special day celebrated blacksmiths, carpenters and craftsmen of all craftsmen. From that day, and cut chickens, and first served Svarog sacrifice.

    The girls shoot house, arrange Bratchina sometimes collect it through the village, and within three days the guys are invited to an outdoor party, with the girl-bride is a mistress of the house. On the evening to tell magical, terrifying and playful tale spend naughty games with kisses.

    Bratchina (other names - the eve of the candle) called together a meal odnoderevenskoy full members of the community, hosted a purse after the prayer service. Despite bans authorities bratchiny everywhere kept in the public life of the peasants.

    Underlying bratchiny lay pious custom - the remembrance of the saint, which turned to the help of the community once to save from disaster.