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  • Spring Makos (Earth Day) - May 10

    Defenders of the earth - Velez and Makos. Earth Day

    Svyatoden when awakening from their winter sleep Cheese Mother Earth is honored as the "birthday girl". It is believed that on this day the Earth "resting." So on this day, do not plow, sow not, dig up the ground and collect roots for potions that can stick in the ground stakes and throw knives, because who does not honor the earth, the nurse, and that it will not give the bread is what the full, but also hand to mouth. Especially in this day of honor and Velez Makos - Earth defenders.

    Night Zeminnik women weave garlands and ask Yasmin Mokos-luck in married life.

    The men all night bonfires and listen to broadcasts of the Magi, for today is an equilibrium between reality and Navyu, life and death, truth and falsehood, and therefore all predictions ever are true and accurate.

    Day of the Magi out in the field, lie on the grass and listen to the earth to hear the whisper of the roots, which tell what lies planted in the ground this season.

    At the begining of the furrow plowed ahead put grain and pour beer, saying, becoming the face of the East:
    Raw-Earth Mother! Uymi you from all evil omens vermin, traffic and the dashing of the case.

    Turning to the west, continued:
    Raw-Earth Mother! Consume you into the abyss of evil spirits boiling, in a flammable resin.

    Referring to noon, say:
    Raw-Earth Mother! Soothe you with all the winds of the midday storm, with loose sand uymi snowstorm.

    At midnight, please contact:
    Raw-Earth Mother! Uymi you midnight winds with clouds, keep cold with blizzards.

    After each pour the beer into the furrow, and then divide the pitcher, in which it was born.

    Once in the old days there was another custom with groove and grain, after which children are born, but now, due to changes in customs, rites limited spells on the compass.

    After spells priests, fingers digging the ground and whisper:
    "Mother-Raw-Earth, tell me yes, tell the truth, to [John Doe] show," predict the future by signs in the land of dating.

    Warriors, putting arms and head resting on a piece of turf, swear Mother Raw-Earth, pledging to defend it from the enemy (enemies).

    After introductions blessed handful of soil collected in bags and stored as amulets.

    Drunken feast and merrymaking complete holiday.

    Earth Day

    At the time of dual faith in Russia on this very date comes Nicola Spring (Nicola Warm), largely a "substitute" Veles.

    People say: "There is a man champion - suprotiv Nikola (Veles)"
    "Nikola sea rescues, Nicola peasant cart raises"
    "In the rain Nicola - will bread and rye"
    "Yegor cows stores, and Nicholas - horses"
    "Do not brag on St. George's Day planting and brag on St. Nicholas Day with grass."

    It should be noted that in various areas of this feast was celebrated at different times. So for example is celebrated in "Whit Monday" (the Monday after the Christian Trinity). In some places the Holiday celebrated on Earth "Simon the Zealot" (May 10). In the day of St. Simon the Apostle land considered the birthday

    In the day of St. Simon the Apostle land considered the birthday

    Semik - land birthday girl, her mother a nurse.

    In the Easter calendar this holiday blurred for three days: Semik, Pentecost and Whit Monday.

    This holiday was an echo of the pagan beliefs into the earth as a living being, when it was associated with the image of his wife Svarog (the god of the sky, the father of the sun and fire) and worshiped the mother of all people. In pagan times believed that the sky seemed to hug the ground and of their union are born alive.

    With the coming of Christianity to Russia priests began to struggle with the pagan cults, but ultimately destroy them and failed.

    Earth Day. Raw-Earth Mother - Makos

    And May 23 peasants worshiped the ground and wanting to please the birthday girl, not plowed, harrowed not, not dig holes. Special prohibition applies hammering stakes into the ground. Sin in the day to work on the ground.

    Hence the saying:
    "Today Simon gulimona day, bummer Reverend" or "Today Simone gulimony tomorrow, and there is a procession in pubs" (Today marks the celebration tomorrow at all lazy do any work - and ends his life to the poor drunkard).

    At the height of spring, when more calls to his plowing, when the storm clouds are gathering momentum, the day when to honor my mother - the damp earth, decorate it with wreaths of flowers and herbs. After all, the earth work and that, when giving their strength, their juices seed cast in plowing. Earth gives beauty girls shows them wonderful trails on the way to happiness.

    Land in the day to rest, to take as any man on the day of his birthday, congratulations, to hear the kind words. Father and mother instilled her children that one day, when the earth-mother birthday girl. And it needs to be respected.

    On this day, every man had to bow to her, stepping off the porch, to ask forgiveness of land:
    "Forgive me, mother earth."

    Women had a special rite to perform, says: Sorry, the party Mother-Raw-Land! How healthy land, would have my head was healthy.

    Women tried that day to drop to the ground, hug her and with special gratitude to address it in this way: Once again, my Pete
    Her head will touch you,
    I'll ask you blagoslovenitsa,
    blagoslovenitsa with proschenitsem,
    that you do not fly was hid,
    do not get up in the colored dress,
    no crest uryazlivym itch
    plow and harrow-tearing your grudushku,
    at the beginning, you'll get the shovel,
    snout-beaten with iron bars.
    I'm sorry, my dear,
    Sorry, Pete,
    forgive a sinner, my nurse!

    It was the custom of the land carpet festive handkerchiefs, towels, put brought treats: pies, brew beer. Donning the head wreaths, until midnight led devonki dances, walked in a circle, the sun, as if swan floated on the backwaters. Dance in the evening was long, songs - lingering.

    Spring Makos (Earth Day)

    On this day, the Earth absorbs perjurers and detractors.

    According to popular belief, only twice a year, on December 25 and 10 May, the mother - could damp earth asunder and for lies, false oath or perjury.

    Most awaited this day, the women, the fallen kotoorye unfair unkind rumor - dishonor is worse than death.

    Slandered with wailing and asking turned to the mother - the damp ground to stand up for her, and wove a large wreath. Above the wreath she vowed that no innocent. Then, when all honest people the woman gets inside the wreath and asked anyone who condemns it, join in a circle. Belief was that those who decide to get a wreath with false slander, will inevitably be punished: the mother - the damp earth so smitten that he would fall unconscious and after a long time will not be able to recover.

    On this day, his mother - the damp earth, the ancient beliefs, provides healing

    For blind and attach with namolennye place a handful of earth to the eyes, a person will experience all the suffering of the dark, sometimes finds happiness - see the white light.

    Heartaches also began to treat with a handful of earth. We took the land from the place to which was attached a person and have applied it to his heart.

    Mothers in this day sprinkled with kosolapyaschih children should, saying that the pace of the child was directly to the mother - child damp earth right side up again.

    Spring Makos (Earth Day) - May 10

    Mother-Raw-Land is the imagination of a Slav living creature.

    Herbs, flowers, shrubs and trees, raised her mighty body seemed to him luxuriant hair, stone rocks took it for the bones, tenacious roots of trees replace veins, the blood of the land was sochivshayasya of its mineral water.

    Born all fruits of the earth goddess of fertility experienced by the people's way, not one happy feeling of motherhood. Thirsty - she saw, the jet with yawns over her bosom heaven, rain water, shook with fear when earthquakes strict bedtime fell asleep upon the occurrence of the winter cold, under cover of her swan in snow, with the arrival of spring, with the first prigrevom zachuyavshego spring sun, She woke up - the mighty - a new plodotvoryaschey life, the joy of all the living world, risen from their winter fears with the first spring breath of the earth.

    In a number of appeals to the "children of God" shall punishment for human wickedness. Samoyu karoyu heavy earth-is infertility nurse.

    Who does not honor the land-nurse, that she was, in the words of the people, plowman, not give bread - not that fill, and a hand to mouth.

    Who does not bow to bow filial Mother - Raw Earth, leaving the first time in the spring thaw zachernevsheesya in the field - on the coffin of her nalyazhet not swan's down, and the heavy stone.

    Who would not grab a handful of strange way of his native land - to never see their homeland.

    Patients desiring "lihomankami" - dashing sisters go out of the net, beating bows to all four corners of the earth white prichitayuchi: "Sorry, the party Mother-Raw-Land!"

    Aching "spoiling" - fall down at the crossroads, asking Mother Earth to remove crude-self-inflicted evil man's disease.

    "Like cures like" - says people's Russia. Knowledgeable people are advised to make old people who hurt, to the place where such a disaster befall, and pray to the ground for forgiveness.

    Older people who hold antiquated covenants assured that if you're going on seven morning dawn handfuls of earth from the tombs of the seven known dead good - then the land will be brought together to save it from any troubles.

    On this day, it is advisable to walk barefoot on the ground.

    This simple way you will draw from her the strength needed for your body.

    We're friends with the earth: come out of the ground, the earth nourishes the land go.

    Fire - the king, the water - the queen of the earth - mother, the sky - the father, the wind - Sir, rain - the breadwinner, the sun - the prince, the moon - princess.