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  • Spozhinki - August 7


    By mid-August in all Slavic lands ends harvest, harvesting and processing of wheat, barley, millet and other crops, and harvesting the seeds for the next season. Hence the name of the holiday - Spozhinki (Dozhinki, crimping). Last sheaf reaped in silence so as not to disturb the spirit of the field, which moved into it.

    This is a joyful and important event for the farmers was celebrated by our ancient ancestors in Europe. Slavic peoples first reported Zazhinki (early harvest, First Sheaf). More magnificently celebrated Dozhinki - last day of the harvest festival of the last sheaf, which falls on the day of the last seven years of the month - about the middle of August to the modern calendar.

    According to ancient custom, the compressed field leave a small portion nesrezannyh ears, tying them with ribbons - frizz "Velez beard":

    "We've been vem, vem beard In Veles on the field ... Frizzled beard In Veles yes on a wide ... In the field of the great, Yes, the high mountain, Chernopahotnoy on earth ... Veysya, veysya, beard Borodushka, veysya Fills the bottom of the barrel! ".

    At the beginnig of the magicians, priests praise Veles, lifting overhead pot of millet:

    "Generous Veles Behold upon us from heaven Zhitom bestow Revive field Benefit Dari Ves. That Vles uschashe our patriarch Zeme rayate and cereals seyate, A zhnyate Vienna venischa A second tstet Thou bozhska father. "

    This Velez taught our forefathers plow the land and sow grains and harvest wreaths on the busy boxes, bundles and put into a home, and honor Him as God the Father.

    On this day, light honey, apples and corn. After introductions begins merry feast (forbidden to eat beef). To bleed off the main Slavic Spozhinki: cereal, honey, apples, bread, beer.