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  • Span (Proletʹye) - May 7

    Span (Proletʹye) - May 7

    Many have heard that the spans are called the end of winter. On this day, the Slavs committed oberezhnye rites awakening earth, bringing strength and health.

    Maya is famous Goldilocks - the mother of all gods. In her honor is vozzhzhenie sacred fire, which marks the beginning of summer. White Sun's rotation. Rite opahivaniya bringing health and luck.

    Buffoon fun, games, songs and dances. Dances and songs with traditional Slavic instruments: drum, kugikly, pipes, pipe. Glorification of Maya temples of Goldilocks on Mokos. Magic Witchcraft in triglycerides, helps women maintain harmony in the family. Valiant fun dedicated Letenye.