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    Semargl (or Simargl) - Ognebog. Its purpose is still not clear to the end. It is believed that this God of fire and the moon, fire sacrifices, home and hearth. Ognebog stores seeds and crops and can turn around a sacred winged dog.

    Semargl revered in those days, when mentioned in the national calendar rituals and superstitions associated with the fire and the fire. April 14 Semargl drowns recent snow.

    There is mention of the appearance Semargl the light from the flames. It is said that once he heavenly blacksmith Svarog, magical hammer hitting a rock Alatyr carved stone divine spark. Sparks flared brightly, and their flame appeared Semargl fiery god, seated on a horse Goldrinn silver suit. But it seemed quiet and peaceful character, Semargl left scorched trail wherever no one had gone before his horse.

    It is not known the name of the god of fire, probably because his name is very sacred. Sanctity attributed to the fact that this God dwells not somewhere in heaven, and directly to the people of the earth! Try to say his name out loud rarely, usually replacing the allegory.

    Slavs have long been associated with the appearance of fire people. According to some legends, the gods created man and woman out of two sticks between which the fire broke out - the first flame of love. Semargl also does not let the world of evil.

    Semargl night stands guard with a flaming sword, and only one day a year he comes down from his post, in response to the call Globeflowers that calls him to love the game in the autumnal equinox. On the day of the Summer Solstice, after 9 months, and Semargl Globeflowers children are born - Kostroma and bathe.