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  • Schedrets - December 31

    Schedrets - December 31

    The last day of the Christmas holidays in the old style is called "Schedrets." Since ancient times, this day celebrated with a big celebratory feast, and heard everywhere schedrovki (schedrovalnye song). Among the abundant feast and certainly was a place of pork dishes. It was believed that this represents a good harvest and fertility.

    Before the feast, as usual, to amuse people schedrovkami. Ingredients such as clowns, as in carols.

    Kolyadovschiki suited to the home or to a crowd of people and sing: "Generous evening! Good evening."

    Then start kolyadovschiki "Kolyada torment," that is to beg the owners gifts, complaining that "came from far", "the goat legs hurt ..."

    Rest against the hosts, joking. Then proceed to entertainers singing schedrovok, some of which contain comic threat.

    Considered a great shame not to bestow kolyadovschikov. So greedy owners send mummers' proklyatitse":

    "Oh, let them, Svarog, the back and the face.
    Bursting into them, Perun-father!
    Let them a bag full of holes pot!".