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  • Rodonitsa - April 30


    April thirtieth end last spring cold. When the sun opens intonation.

    The ancient Slavs this holiday called Radovnitsa, Radoshnitsa, Radunica, Rodonitsa, Navy Day, graves, Grobki, Trizna. Celebrated on the ninth day of Passover.

    This day commemorates the ancestors, encourage them to visit the land: "Fly, my dear grandfather ...". Go to the tomb, bringing the memorial gifts: pancakes, oatmeal, millet porridge, eggs, dyed Easter eggs. After introductions begins Trizna: soldiers on the hill "boryahusya for dead", showing his martial art.

    On a high mountain bowl painted eggs and compete. The winner is the one whose egg rolled away on without crashing. By midnight on the same mountain laid the wood for the bonfire.

    Midnight feast begins - Zhivin day. Women taking the broom, commit ritual dance around a fire, clearing the place of evil spirits.

    Live praise, the goddess of life that animates nature, sending to Earth the spring. Women perform the ritual dance around the fire ...

    All jumping through fire, free of delusions (Navy) after a long winter. At the same high mountain plotting merrymaking and fun dance around a bonfire. Play a story, tells of the journey into the world of Navy and return to reality.

    With the onset of morning pastries help themselves as larks live birds released from the cells into the open, encouraging spring. Other holidays in "Holidays of the Slavs.