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  • Rodogosch (Tausenev) - September 27

    Rodogosch (Tausenev)

    Slavs celebrate the great feast - Rodogosch (Tausenev) - when harvested, autumn sun - the light - not hot, the tree is ready for the winter sleep, relieving themselves of fine clothes. To this day a huge baked honey cake (the cake was in the old man's height), for which, after introductions hiding priest and asked, "Do you see me?".

    If assembled respond affirmatively, the priest utters a wish: for the next year to collect a rich harvest and bake an even bigger pie.

    After the introductions, which required guessing the next year and vorozhenie over the cup with the sacred wine, begins feast - the food is placed on the table slide, which by the end of the feast, is greatly reduced.

    On this day, played out the tale of heroes and the underworld, another reminder of the fading sun and the coming winter. Before dark alight and jump over it, purifying. Priests walk barefoot on hot coals, singing: "ordeal, which is shed, potoptazhe".

    But you must beware of walking on coals without preparation to avoid burns. After the priests avoid burns, introducing themselves of striking the drum in a special state of trance.