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    God Rod. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology.

    All peoples know very first God - it is a living, creative thinking, infinite in time and space of the universe. One space, and, simultaneously, its infinite. In the "Book of Veles" is written: "God - one, and plural. And let no one shares of the set does not say that we have many gods. " Everything that exists - only a small part. And He has a great variety of names. Ancient Rus and Slavs knew him as God, sometimes shortening the name to the Most High, or even easier - to the heights. Another Aryan people, Indians, called God - Vishnu. That God created his thought golden egg, from which came his son - God Rod. Rod God began to create the visible world. All born Rod, still bears his name, nature, home, parents, relatives.

    Son of the Most High divided the world into three parts: the upper, middle and lower. The top is in the heavens. There dwell the gods who rule the people. They are doing the right thing, and so-called rule of heaven inhabited. Below is the human world, which we can see clearly. He revealed to us by the gods, and so his name - reality. Bottom - the world of the past. There gone ancestors. This - Nav. From there, fly glamor and bad dreams. Our ancestors were immigrants from another world called "navimi" people.

    Rhode begat Svarog - the great god who completed the creation of the world. He went on many other gods and goddesses. Now it is important to understand that God, Rod, Svarog and all subsequent gods, heroes, and men were not independent from their parents, relatives, and from each other. All of them - the first manifestations of the gods, their smaller version, although each has its own character and distinction from others. The main feature of Slavic-Russian faith in that and was all in the world is one - the gods and nature. And the people who called themselves the grandchildren, not slaves of the gods. That is, men and gods were blood relatives, not strangers to each other creatures.

    Christian certificate of Rohde.

    Rod God - Jehovah, the One, the father of the gods and the creator of the world, "the Almighty, Who edin besmerten and nepogibayuschih tvorets, bo tung man on the face duh life and byst chelovek Bb dushyu live: that TI does not Rod sitting upon vzduse mosque on land piles - and Bb tom reflects the children ... "mentioned in the teachings against paganism" The inspiration of the Holy Spirit, "" Word of idols "," The word of Isaiah the prophet, "the manuscript of the Old menology confessor.

    Byzantine writer Gregory, who lived in the XII century, the "Word of idols" reported that the cult of Rod - is one of the world's religions. Christian writers did not make sense to glorify "pagan" religion, and yet, he argued that Rod once worshiped in Egypt (under the name of Osiris), Babylon, Greece (where he was allegedly known as the god Apollo), Rome, and Slavic lands. Of course, he shamelessly confused the names of gods, but still knew that Rod - one of the highest deities worshiped in different parts of the world. In the same XII century was written and "Word of the Prophet Isaiah," in which the author compares the Rod and his two rozhanits the Phoenician god Baal, "sitting in the sky." The more he scolds native Russian God, the clearer it becomes that Rod - not ugly idol, and the ancient lord of the skies.

    Chronicler of German Bishop Gerald Gelmold in 1156, wrote: "Among the many deities, they (Slavs) devote fields, forests, their joys and sorrows, and they recognize the one God, ruling over them in heaven, recognize that He is omnipotent, cares only about business heaven, the other gods obey him, perform their duties and that they are of the blood, and each of them is the more important the closer it is to the god of the gods. " This "God of gods" in the Western Slavs call Sventovita likely, this is one of the main incarnations of Roda.


    Even after the Baptism of Russia, hundreds of years later, the Slavs continued annually on September 8 feasts in honor of the great god Rod. And it is clear: no one wanted to pass for Ivan, oblivious of their relationship! In the XVI century, the Russian Christian clergy was still in advocacy. So, in a manuscript that time said: "Everyone is a creator God bo, not Rod." People are not arguing, agreed: "It is right, the world is begotten creator. Therefore, the name - Rod. " So him and called in the Russian translations of the Bible - "rododatel."

    Rod accompanied Rozhanitsy. In "Questions of Kirik find", a monument of literature XII century: "Even se Rod and rozhanits krayut sires and bread and honey ...", somehow are associated with the destiny. Who are Rozhanitsy? And why are two of them?

    Probably because in the life of every human being has both happy and unhappy moments. The first is responsible for Share, the second sends her dark sister - Nedolya. It is sometimes said that the loser was born under an unlucky star, and lucky - a happy. Rozhanits many believe Lada and Lelia, though never at the source so do not call. Yacno that Rozhanitsy - virgins of life and destiny, which "with robyat pervyya strigut hair and women porridge varyat rozhanitsam to the meeting," and people in the 13th century "gotovayuschei razhanitsam trapezou and complying Demon chrpaniya" "A sheep lyudi faithful, Who God rabotayut instead rozhanits "," representation meal i rozhanits other davola whole ministry. "

    In the sixteenth century, the "Charter of St. Sava" find a confessional question: "Do not sbludila bogomerzkih fornication with women, not whether molilasya forks, or Rod and rozhanits and Perun, and Horsa, and Mokosh, ate and drank?" Rozhanits holiday celebrated on the day after the fall of the feast in honor of Rod - 9 September. At this time, when the summer harvest and the crop is harvested behind, you can eat and drink at pleasure, without fear of future misery - hunger and cold. Later, the Catholic Church launched an early September Nativity of the Virgin, where there is a "blessing of the loaves." The second holiday Rod and rozhanits reported after December 25.

    In the early times of the world was in darkness. But God has revealed the golden egg, which was signed Rod - Parent of all. Rhode begat Love - Lada-mother, and by the power of love destroyed his prison, created the universe - an infinite number of worlds star and our earthly world.
    Then the sun came out from his presence.
    Month of light - from his breast.
    Stars frequent - from the eyes of Him.
    Dawns clear - from his brow.
    Dark night - but from his thoughts.
    Winds boisterous - out of breath ..

    "Book of Doves"

    When divided Purusha
    Brahman became his mouth ...
    Moon was born from the idea
    Eye of the Sun arose,
    Out of my head there was the sky ...

    "Rigveda", X, 90

    Modern pagans put idols Rod in the form of wooden phallic symbols, painted in red color. This may be just a pile of stone, which has counterparts in India, where the phallic linga represents Rudra. Idols are always placed in the open and the higher - the better. Rod for making idols are best used beech, elm, ash, but as these trees are rare, it is proposed to replace them with maple. Rod rites still unconsciously bring in the form of "Easter" eggs on the graves of their ancestors. A special celebration of Rod falls on 21 April (Orthodox Rodion-ledolom). This feast is called in pagan Radogoschem, honored himself Svarozhich as solar deity.