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  • Rod and mothers - September 8

    Rye bread

    This Slavic holiday dedicated to family well-being, falls on September 8.

    After the introductions, which necessarily glorifying "God Family", "God Lada" and "God Lel", the ceremony of "funeral flies." Catch a fly (cockroach, mosquito, carried) put in Domowina carrots, officially blamed on waste ground and buried in the grave, than mean numbness insects during the coming winter.

    After the "funeral" begins the ritual hunt for "moose". Two girls, mummers elk (deer) are shown for a short time out of the woods and run away. They go after guys hunters, trying to catch them. Caught a "moose" immediately released, and the other lead to the temple, which also released previously is mocked for being forced fellows long run.

    The holiday ends rozhanichnym feast (ritual food: cheese, eggs, cheese, venison or beef, oatmeal, berry wine) and merrymaking.

    Revels begin with the round dance, which lead around the oldest of the women. Woman holding bread (preferably oat). At the end of the round dance divide and distribute bread to treat people and animals. After the holiday Rod and lying comes "Indian summer."