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  • Repair - February 16


    Following the saying "Prepare sleighs in summer, and in winter the cart," the hosts after Candlemas taken early in the morning for the repair of agricultural equipment, calling this February day, "mending".

    Raschinaya Fixes, peasants remember: the sooner accept a farm - the more the spring pleased. Mending to pull from these warm days of the real owner is not stuck. Opening sarayki pretending farmers: what work should take next?

    We worked together as a family, finding a feasible business and small and old: "Fixes in Santa gets a little light - repairing harness yes plow hundred years." Renovated gear with pride hung in a prominent place - we say, for plowing and sowing ready. And the hostess at the time were not sitting idle: cooking, washing, going over things in boxes.

    There is a misconception, and the mention of the name in repairing that house at night worrying horses and can put them to death. Brownie good host assistant, and not an enemy, but otherwise, why would the new houses in the old house of the transferred into scoops of coal from the old furnace. Brownie - amulet for home and no devil!