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  • Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary - October 14

    Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Cover - with the introduction of Christianity, the holiday was celebrated in honor of the Blessed Virgin and her wonderful board.

    In folk tradition on this day is celebrated with a meeting in autumn winter, and the roots of this holiday goes very deep. The very name of folk beliefs associated with the first frost, which "covered" the earth, indicating the proximity of the winter cold, although the exact name of the holiday is not preserved.

    Day of Protection equal to the full completion of the field work and serious preparations for winter. With approximately the days began to sink in the huts: Getting Started spinners and weavers.

    On this day, Brownie bed fit, and in this regard, has been associated ritual of "baking angles." Brownie asked to keep warm the house in winter, baked special "Blintsov" - pancakes are small, but the first attempt was divided into 4 parts and spread around the corners of the hut as a tribute to the spirit of the house was full and relaxed.

    On this day, the girls were asked about marriage Lada (when Christianity began to ask the Mother of God.) And from that day began regular girls' gatherings.