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  • Prosinets - January 21


    Prosinets - name January is commemorated vodosvyatiem. Heavenly praise today Svarga - Host of all Gods. "Resplendent" - means the rebirth of the sun.

    Prosinets falls in the middle of Winter - it is believed that the cold begins to subside, and the land of the Slavs at the behest of the gods returns solar heat.

    On this day, in Vedic temples recall how in ancient times Kryshen gave fire to people who were dying from the cold during the great ice age. Then he poured out of the sky to the earth magic Svarga Surya.

    Surya - honey, herbal wandering!
    Surya - also red sun!
    Surya - a clear understanding of the Vedas!
    Surya - next Supreme highest!
    Surya - the truth of God for roof!

    Poured out on the ground Surya, this day makes all healing water, so the faithful bathe in the sanctified waters.

    Year-round festivals Perunova day also corresponds victory over Perun Skiperom-swimming animals and his sisters are still alive, and madder at Lely dairy river.

    On this day, the Slavs were bathing in the cold river water and gave grand feasts, which certainly must have been present milk and milk products.