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  • Perun's Day - July 20

    god Perun

    On this day, it was assumed that all of the men present at the beginnig, must have a weapon (knife, ax, and if there is a resolution, then something more appropriate). During introductions soldiers make a solemn procession with the song. Slavleny after Perun, the soldiers begin to sanctify weapons: the boards, placed in front of temple, put swords, axes, spears, knives, clubs, and other edged weapons.

    In sacrificed bull, and for lack thereof - cock (must be the same color, not mottled, red is best). On the sacrificial blood ramble weapons priest anoints human blood of every soldier, after which they put on their heads red armbands. On the sacrificial fire sanctified military lore.

    After introductions begins ritual battle "Perun" with "Welles," dedicated to the victory over VĂ©lez Perun (Veles and Perun wins returns celestial cow herd). At the end of combat soldiers have a boat with the gifts and put on a steal. Elder, stripped, ignites steal. After the fire burned, the soldiers poured over the ashes of the grave and begin funeral feast (ritual battles in the grave).

    Then gently release occurs, which commemorates the fallen of all Slavic warriors. Ritual meal: beef, poultry, chicken, oatmeal. As for drinks, honey, red wine, beer, brew. Merrymaking begins with the capture of "town."

    On this day, prefer military pleasures, but do not forget the works of love. Magi advised to spend the night after a holiday with a woman. Bad is the warrior who wins the victory over the enemy only.

    With Perun was also associated ritual rainmaking. It consisted of a sacrifice - pouring water specially selected women.

    With the advent of Christianity functions Perun were transferred to the Christian holy Prophet Elijah, in whose image appeared clearly features Perun - god of thunder, the sky on ezdivshego lumbering chariot, and that, in fact, simply changed the name remains the same revered deity.