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  • Opening Svarga (zaklikanie Spring) - 25 March

    Opening Svarga (zaklikanie Spring)

    Svarga opens, and people coming off the Goddess Alive-Spring. Today Spring klichet and fame not only man, but all living things in the world, celebrating the victory of life over death.

    At the opening of the third and last time zaklikaetsya spring when opening Svarga nobody works. The Rite of Spring zaklikaniya associated with the first arrival of the birds and the beginning of snowmelt.

    With the onset of morning help themselves in the form of rye biscuits larks live birds released from the cells into the open, encouraging spring. The main, the most active participants in the ceremony were women and children.

    On this day, women are "called out requests", singing the famous song "We planted millet, sowed." Also all play the ritual game of "round-burner."