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  • Old wives' porridge - January 8

    Old wives' porridge

    The day Babih cereals made to honor midwives. They bring lavish gifts and treats. They came with children to their grandmother blessed. Especially in this day to go to his grandmother advised expectant mothers and young girls.

    Later, the Orthodox Church was celebrated on this day feast of the Most Holy Virgin.

    Granny midwife - in the village all distant relatives. None of the country did not do without a midwife. Granny posoblyala maternity. And it was, as they used to say, with his hands. Knowing the customs of antiquity, the grandmother knew his stuff. When mothers agony flooded bathhouse, vyvazhivala woman in childbirth by the sun. Babkane - povivane - utvoryalos good quip, good grass, good prayers. Odymlyaya pregnant woman, that is, the heat of the moment birch shavings and burning sagebrush with grass immortelle, grandmother Radel of lung homelands.

    And yet, in the not too distant past, the mother gathered the kids in the evening, and taught them to glorify Christmas, sprinkle with corn - on long life, for happiness, well-being. It's easy to be a festive time to issue a slice of cake, cranberry treat children with honey. But my mother knew, "Not in any home baked loaf, and even to the whole family in plenty." And the kids had to earn a treat, the whole world enjoy equally childish and syti and sweets. "Give the cow, buttered head on the hearth of the liver, a gilded cow!".

    And childish box from every house and carried bolshuhi and girl-bride ceremonial cookies, which on the Guise of akin skotinkoy. And kids egged, "You, mistress, hands down! You otradushka, hands down! Give - do not break! Break off a little bit - will Ermoshka. Break off the heel - will be Andrei. And shalt deliver mid - to be a wedding! ".

    And so childish tyazhelel box. And the crowd ran to someone slavilschiki protoplennoy bathhouse, divided among themselves a treat. It was a joyous time of games, fun. Kids know each other and a child happy, remembering this winter a wonderful time.

    Observed and a sign: if a clear day, it will be a good harvest of millet. Porridge browned in the oven - to the snow. If titmouse morning peeps, you can expect a night of frost. But the incessant cry of crows and jackdaws promises snowfalls and blizzards.