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    New Year

    The only Slavic feast, celebrated on the state level in the Slavic countries - is the New Year. Once upon a time, God freezing cold Morok walked the villages by sending hard frosts. Settlers, wishing to protect themselves from the cold, put on a box gifts: pancakes, pudding, cookies, Christmas Pudding. Now Morok became sort of a good old man Santa Claus, who gives presents itself. So he was as recently as the middle of the XIX century.

    Incidentally, in the decoration of the Christmas tree is a deep sense of ritual: the evergreen plants are believed to live in the ancestral spirits. Therefore, decorating fir sweets, we bring gifts to the ancestors. This here is an ancient custom. New Year family holiday. On this day, it is better to visit their relatives.

    During the celebration of the New Year a spell on all the next year and at the same time made divination of the future.

    The number 12 is the most frequent in the New Year rituals 12 "elders" guiding ritual, 12 sheaves, which are wondering about the future of the harvest in the New Year, the water from 12 wells for podblyudnyh divination, sacred fire "badnyak" burns 12 days (six days in the end of the old year and the first six in the new).

    Solemn ceremonies began the cycle of Christmas memories of the past (the singing of ancient epics), and will result in predictions of the future. It was the end of the Christmas holidays, the famous "Epiphany evening," was considered the most convenient time for questioning fate.

    For the January spells and predictions related to podblyudnymi songs that required special vessels for holy water, which lowered the gold ring. The idea of ​​water stressed massive relief zigzag line extending around the entire vessel beneath the rim. Agro-magical nature of divination rather clarified by VI Chicherova, one of the main podblyudnyh songs is "the glory of the bread." Water and gold - the required attributes of New Agrarian magical divination, as well as water and sun, provided the ancient Slav harvest.