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  • Navy Day - April 19

    Navy Day

    Navy Day - a holiday of resurrection of the dead (in fact, with the advent of Suchy (Bereznev), Slavs ceremonial start visiting graves with offerings required).

    Required - native Slavic term for worship, offering, sacrifice, departure sacraments or sacred rites. In Slavonic "Wanted" is a "T" - Thea (create), "R" - Ra (God), "B" - ba (soul) = 'create Bogovoy soul. "

    Slavs relatives buried in the mounds at these high embankments worked funeral feast, put required, made libations. On this day, long-dead people are brought rites into the water, saying:

    Light, the light, the sun!
    I will give you an egg,
    As hen will lay in a grove,
    Take it up to heaven,
    Let all souls happy.

    Rites of the Slavs - is food, household items, but only those that are made by hand. Of food and drink - is: kutya, pies, cakes, pancakes, cheese cakes, colored eggs, wine, beer, Eve (born Braga).

    "Even se Rod and rozhanits krayut bread and sires and honey ...". Required every God determined accordingly. In the water, throw the hallowed red shell eggs. It is believed that the shell doplyvet to forgotten souls of the dead (those who have not commemorated) to the mermaid day.

    The night before the day Navim navi (strangers, abandoned, buried without ceremony and not buried the dead) rise from their graves, making the spring yuletide people dress up in new guises.