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  • Naumov Day - December 14

    Naumov Day

    This day does not accidentally called "wise" and prayed to Saint Naum, asking "put on the mind" - wise, to teach.

    At one time it was the custom in Russia to this day to bring children to the teacher, who is revered especially considering his work is extremely important and difficult. According to custom, the mother at this time was due on their children who go to study, because teaching has always been accompanied by vkolachivaniem Sciences rods. Even on the first day of the meeting with the teacher he had to award each of the students three symbolic blow whip. The children were each session begins with three bows and the teacher had to obey him without question.

    As a reward mother and father trays teacher loaf of bread and a towel with which to make and money as payment for classes. But more often in paid meal: mother student teacher brought a chicken, a basket of eggs and a pot of buckwheat.

    Pupils also had several "rituals" in order to pass the exam well. For example, as follows:

    1. Before you go to the examiners to read three times, not to correspond with his sheet: "As of Easter Sunday, and my head is bright. As my mother loves me, he loves me, father, grandfather and grandmother. As they have always cherished and regretted so and you are me, my teachers, regret it."

    2. Read, when you go to the exam: "I'm going to the seminary, the lesson to answer the knowledge to protect. Whatever the word was said, everyone would get the praise."