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    Nameday Brownie

    Many people know that the first of April do not trust anyone. Where did this saying? Indeed, any proverb is under some kind of a foundation. To find out we need to dive into the past, this is where the roots of many hidden sayings and proverbs.

    The history of our ancestors has deep pagan roots, the echoes of which we can observe today. All in the same proverbs, sayings, beliefs and superstitions. April 1st our pagan ancestors celebrated one interesting holiday. Rather, it is not even a holiday, and some abroad.

    This is the day of awakening houses. The ancient Slavs believed that in the winter, he, like many animals, and spirits, hibernate and wake up only occasionally to do the necessary work on the house. Sleeping house exactly to the time when it's spring fully come into its own. And she came, according to the ancestors, not in March and in April.

    More precisely, the arrival of spring was marked by the vernal equinox on March 22, and all the days until the April 1 meeting were the days of spring. First of spring comes once and for all, and the main guardian spirit hearth - house - had to wake up to a clean house.

    As you know, when we had a long sleep, and then wake up to the call of our alarm, wife or mother, it is often unhappy with this. We yawn and grumble why we woke up so early. Small children do begin to act up. And our house is sometimes the habits of the child, and after a long sleep, he wakes up is not very joyful. And then he starts to misbehave and sometimes rowdy. Then the remainder of the flour sacks vysyplet, the manes of horses confuse, cow scare, stained underwear ...

    Of course, our distant ancestor was trying to coax disaffected brownie porridge, milk and bread, but as you know, the bread must be accompanied and spectacle. Such a spectacle to awaken the spirit became widespread celebrations, jokes, laughter, people in the house, who played each other all day. In addition, to make it more fun houses, as well as all others, the occupants wearing clothes inside out, like the spirit of ancestors, which, as you know, is his fur vest seamy. On his feet were certainly flaunt different socks or shoes, and in the conversation all tried to deceive each other or make a joke, to host house-father had forgotten that he had just woken up.

    Over time, about the beginning of spring and the first of April cajoling brownie forgotten, but the tradition of fun, play and cheat on this day remained. Some of the Slavic community celebrated Holiday Brownie March 30.