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    Memorial Day Princess Olga

    On the origin of Olga in the annals preserved only vague legends. Some chroniclers thought that it came from Pskov, others based it Izborsk.

    Accepted version is that her parents were simple people, and she was in his youth worked perevozchitsey across the river, where she met and hunted in places Prince Igor. Beautiful legend, preserved in later chronicles, tells us of a meeting of Igor and Olga.

    Once the young Igor had to hunt near Pskov. Once on the river, he could not cross to the other side because he did not have a boat. Suddenly the prince saw a boat on the river, managed by some young men. Igor called this young man and ordered to carry yourself on the other side. Once in the boat, the prince suddenly realized that his carrier was not a young man and a beautiful girl, dressed in men's clothing - this was Olga. And he began to tell her Prince indiscreet speech. But the girl said firmly prince: "What confuses me, prince, indiscreet words? Let me young and humble, and one here, but know this: it is better for me to jump into the river, than endure shame! ".

    Ashamed Igor stopped his speech. When Igor returned to Kiev, soon came time for him to marry. That is when the thought of the beauty and wisdom, Prince of Pskov girl, and took her as his wife.

    In 945, Prince Igor was killed by neighboring Drevlyane. Killing Igor drevlyans decided that now they are free of obligations to Kiev dynasty. Moreover, steel drevlyans claim Kiev table - they demanded that the Duchess Olga married Prince Drevlyane Mala. But it is characteristic that the conflict with Russ drevlyans in accordance with the Slavic tradition, tried to resolve by peaceful means - sent their ambassadors to Olga.

    Further well-known for "The Tale of Bygone Years". Olga cunning two embassies drevlyan lured into traps and severely punish them. She then appeared in the land and put up Drevlyansky funeral feast at the grave of her husband, who was invited and Drevlyane. By order of Olga her first drink vigilantes drevlyan drunk and then issekli their swords ("Chronicle" a figure of those killed - 5000).

    Board of Princess Olga with underage Svyatoslav was more successful than her husband Igor. Becoming the ruler of Kiev, Olga domestic policy pursued a policy of even greater subordination of the Slavic tribes Kyiv authorities. In 947 instead polyudye she established a solid size tribute to drevlyan and Novgorod, collection points tribute - cemeteries (the place where the collectors).

    Olga contributed to the spread of Christianity in Russia. In the mid 50-ies of the 10th century with a large embassy Olga went to Byzantium. There, she was baptized into the Christian faith, having received baptism in the name of Helen. "Chronicle" describes the baptism of Princess Olga follows. The Byzantine emperor, struck the beauty and wisdom of Olga, wanted to marry her. "I am a pagan, - said Russian princess. - If you want to baptize me, I baptize himself - or not baptized. "

    Emperor of the desires of Olga, and then offered to become his wife. Olga replied, "How do you want to take me, when he baptized me, and called her daughter. And Christians are not allowed to it - you know yourself. " And the emperor said, "I outsmarted you, Olga."

    The Orthodox Church celebrates St. Olga July 24.