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  • Memorial Day Prince Oleg (Oleg the Wise) - 2 September

    Prince Oleg. Oleg the Wise

    As now sbiraetsya Oleg the Wise
    revenge unreasonable hozaram:
    Their villages and fields of exuberant foray dooming it to swords and fires with his retinue,
    in Constantinople armor, the Prince goes on the field on the right horse.
    AS Pushkin's "Song of Oleg the Wise"

    The chronicle says that on September 2 911, Prince Oleg, known as "Wise", after a successful campaign against Constantinople (slavyansk. - Constantinople) signed an agreement with Byzantium.

    A major outcome of the campaign historians call the conclusion of a trade agreement, in which the Russian merchants could conduct free trade. Oleg nailed his shield - the symbol of victory - at the gates of Constantinople.

    During the reign (882-912),Oleg the Wise did the seemingly impossible - united the separate Slavic tribes into one state - Kievan Rus. But for that we had to capture Kiev, where at that time were vigilantes Rurik Askold and Dir, the dead prince during a small hike. Right to the throne as regent, Oleg gave upbringing son Rurik - Igor.

    Chud Magi predicted the death of Prince Oleg faithful horse. And so it happened, though, and after the death of the animal.