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    Memorial Day Prince Igor

    No sleep, no rest for weary soul
    Night does not send me consolation and oblivion.
    All I'm reliving the past
    One of nights ...
    Igor's aria from the opera "Prince Igor"

    Pagan Prince Igor (years of life: about 875-945, reign: 912-945) was the son of Rurik, after whose death the trustee was Prince Igor, Oleg. Oleg, Rurik received of reign, for a long time was regent minor Igor.

    In 912, after the death of Prince Oleg, Igor autocrat takes throne of Kiev. Drevlyans - one of the tribal units of the Eastern Slavs - learning about the change of power in no hurry to pay tribute to the state of the new ruler. Igor had physically forced to pay tribute to the Slavs.

    In the year 914, defeated and pacified Uglich Drevlyansky tribes Igor forced them to pay great tribute than before. In 915, one of the governor of Prince Igor moved south and after a three-year siege of the city took to cross - as a reward for the victory, he received Drevlyansky tribute.

    During his reign, Prince Igor encouraged many Vikings who helped him manage the principality and battle enemies. But something went wrong in the policies of Igor with Slavic tribes, because Igor was brutally murdered Drevlyane. Igor was buried under a high mound near Iskorosten.

    The story that the widow of Prince Igor Princess Olga brutally Drevlianys revenge for the death of her husband. Olga tax them with heavy tribute, ordered to destroy a lot of people and destroy the elders. Later, in 945, she was ordered burned Iskorosten. With the support squads and boyars Prince Igor Olga took reign Rus in their hands, whilst small Sviatoslav, son of Igor and Olga, is under the age rule.