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  • Memorial Day hero Svyatogor - December 3

    Memorial Day hero Svyatogor - December 3

    Ilya Muromets Nikitich, Alyosha Popovich - Russian heroes, which is composed of many honoring legends. Among the heroes of the Russian land known to the man-giant - Svyatogor.

    Svyatogor known as the Russian epic hero, which serves some of the meetings with Ilya Muromets.

    Svyatogor hero in the epic epic is a huge giant, "above the forest standing." His body was hardly bears mother damp earth. He does not go to the Holy Rus, and live in the high mountains of the Saints. If Svyatogor embarks on a road, the mother earth shake cheese - forests and rivers swaying leak from the coast.

    By the time of the first collision with the Pechenegs is Boyarsky mound promenade, which was buried with great honor noble hero Svyatogor. His clothes and weapons have huge size - they are one and a half to two times more than the things of ordinary people.

    This great hero was clearly described in the Slavic epic, the epic about Ilya Muromets. There, his size and strength are exaggerated, but the man-giant actually walked on the Russian land.