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    Celebration of Shrovetide

    Shrovetide (Carnival) - a celebration not only of the Slavs, and practically the whole of Europe. The tradition of celebrating the arrival of spring is preserved in different cities and countries, from Siberia to Spain. In Western Europe, Shrovetide gradually becomes part of the national carnival, where the celebration of the fall silent quarrels and disputes, everywhere reigns unbridled joy, laughter and humor.

    The final Winter Shrovetide has been a traditional holiday (or "cheese" week).

    Home Shrovetide (oiler, Sarnitsa) - the ancient pre-spring holiday of the Slavic peoples, connected with wires winter and rebirth of nature. Shrovetide, once the pagan holiday in honor of the sun god Yarily (pancake - a symbol of the sun), remained in Christianity.

    Pancake adopted Orthodox Church as a religious holiday called "cheese" or "Cheese-fare" of the week, but a rethinking of the Christian is not received. Celebrated her day before Lent (Shrovetide) with pancakes, fun songs, games, sledging, carousels, bright and decorated carriage horses threes.

    Perform ceremonies, which would accelerate the revival of neighborhoods, magically facilitate harvest, prosperity, and burned an effigy of winter, lit bonfires, danced, sang comic songs and dandelion.

    Pancake and still lives as a sign of hope for the full year, so it has always been abundant and very satisfying. Many funny jokes amusing, pribautok, songs, proverbs and sayings related to these days: "No pancake is not oily," "At the Mountains ride, in pancakes lie", "no life, and the Shrovetide", "Shrovetide obeduha, money priberuha" "At least with all the lay and hold Shrovetide", "every day is not Sunday, and will Lent."

    Celebration of Shrovetide

    Shrovetide preceded the so-called "speckled", "solid" week, or cheese of weeks, when allowed to consume food or milk perilous: do not eat meat, but you can have cheese, butter, eggs, milk, sour cream.

    Shrovetide began with "buttered grandfathers." Pagans believe that together with the heat, herbs, and birds on the ground return of the soul of the dead, who will help them, and so the first pancake is usually placed on the "spirits" window - to the souls of the ancestors, "the first pancake on Shrove Tuesday - for the peace." Sometimes the first attempt gave to the poor, that they have remembered all the dead. In a farewell Sunday also went to the cemetery, the graves were left pancakes. By the way, pancakes appeared before leavened bread.

    There just is not baked pancakes on Shrove Tuesday: rye, oats, and potatoes, with cheese and hemp. Ate them with butter, sour cream, honey. Holiday demanded plenty: cheese, butter, milk, sour cream, pancakes did not have to go to the table. Shrovetide festivities lasted a week, every day, people had a name.

    Monday - meeting, the first day of Shrovetide organized joint mountains, swings, tables and sweet dishes. Children get along in the morning straw doll - Pancake and dressed her.

    Tuesday - zaigryshi; morning girls and fellows were invited to ride in the mountains, eat pancakes, here guys looking out for brides and girls glanced furtively at the constriction.

    Wednesday - Gourmet, the day of his mother-in-law was invited to the pancakes, and for fun-in-law loved summoned all his family.

    Thursday - wide Thursday, riot, fracture, rolled through the streets, performing different rituals, created fights, drove in a sleigh guy with wine and a roll, go to a designated place to drink beer and sing songs.

    Friday - Teschin Vecherki, in this day-in-law treated her tesch pancakes, sometimes - and all relatives-in-law was required in the evening to personally invite the wife's mother.

    Saturday - Zolovkina gatherings; young daughter invited her to his family, the day the children were built on rivers, ponds and fields of snow town with towers and gates, then the crowd was divided in two: one guarding the town, others had to take it by force.

    Sunday - off or Forgiveness Sunday, tselovnik, this day has been associated with the cult of the ancestors. Farewell Shrovetide accompanied by ceremonial burning of a straw doll "Shrovetide", and the ashes scattered in the field, to give effect to sowing, the next harvest. Parting between family and friends took place in the evening and ended with a kiss. On this day to forgive all wrongs and insults. And they said, "Please forgive me, bude to blame in front of you." Parting between home happened after dinner, before bed. Much attention was paid to the young, who were married last carnivores. And coasting, and skating on triples were mandatory for the newlyweds. One of the rites of oilseeds were visits to parents of young married couples. On visits in-law "to the mother on pancakes" composed many humorous songs, sayings, "in-law to the threshold - the walls in oil", "good crispy pancake, and son-in speaker," "in-law in the yard - pancakes (cakes) on the table." Thus, we can assume that the Shrovetide - a holiday suite.

    Pancake Day wondered: take, for example, the girl first try, running out into the street, treats the first counter, and asked his name. And her spouse will be called. From time to Epiphany Shrovetide called "svadebnitsa." With the arrival of the holiday for some bachelorhood ended, another Shrovetide reminded that their marriage or marriage close. During Shrovetide was allowed to steal the girls who liked guys. This is not strictly condemned, but, on the contrary, society condemns those who had the marriage age and not married. If the protagonists of Shrovetide in the Russian lands were newlyweds in Eastern Europe - the bachelors. For example, in Poland, the "proud polka" lull bachelor fritters, donuts, brushwood and vodka for dessert certainly'll pull his hair.

    The last day of Shrovetide can go to the pub, where the violinist will "sell" unmarried girls. And in the Czech Republic in the days of these cheerful young men with faces smeared with soot the music bypass the village, carrying over a painted wooden block - "klatik." He hung up every girl on the neck or attached to the arm or leg. You want to pay off - pay.

    In Yugoslavia bachelor definitely put in pig trough and dragged through the village, and on the roof of his house, he could see the naked figure of straw grandfather. As already mentioned, the main feast of the Shrovetide had pancakes - no meal is not complete without them.

    In Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were widespread Pancakes, Pancakes, pancakes. Fried them in oil, baked in cream.

    In Ukraine, in particular favorites were these days dumplings with cheese. No wonder they sang: "We met Pancake, cheese stuffed slides, oil slides watered ..."

    For uhoyu and pies - again and again pancakes. Pancakes with full sun. Sturgeon steam them, pancakes with podpekom. Bream extraordinary magnitude, with fungi, with pap ... navazhka semivershkovaya with Belozersky smelt in breadcrumbs, watered mushroom pancakes with sour cream ... milk, light, Blintsov with eggs ... still boiled fish with caviar gossiped with podzharochkoy ... jelly orange, almond cream - vanilevy ...

    "Oily wide: flooded Lent!" This proverb did not appear out of nowhere. Who has not had an oil-walk, grab a net and post Monday. The people called this day the German Shrovetide.