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  • Madder Day - March 1

    Madder Day

    Last holiday Navih evil gods before the arrival of Spring - Day Mary madder - Great Goddess of Winter and Death. Mara Marin - a powerful and terrible deity, Goddess of Winter and Death, Koschei wife, sister alive and Lola.

    The people she was named one-eyed hobgoblin. Kept saying, remembers that day: "Vzdel Yarylo winter (Marenu!) on the fork."

    Remembered and honored on this day goddess that hold people to Kalinove bridge. Possession madder, according to ancient tales, are the black currant River separating reality and Nav through which spanned Kalinov Bridge, guarded three-headed serpent.

    Folk omens for this day:

    If that day at noon the sun is seen, spring will come early if the storm is blowing - the entire week blizzard.

    The more snow falls, the higher grain yield.

    If a cold sweat okonnitsy and frames - wait warming.

    Top up the glass "snow plant" - frost continues, bent their shoots - to thaw.