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  • Magpies (Larks) - March 22

    Magpies (Larks)

    Larks on day and night face off. Winter ends, spring begins. In Russian there everywhere the belief that in this day of warm countries arrive forty different birds, and the first of them - a lark.

    Usually baked on a lark "larks", in most cases with outstretched wings, as if flying, and tufted. Birds were distributed to children, and those with a shout and a ringing laugh escaped zaklikat larks, and with them the spring.

    Roasted larks is placed on long sticks and ran with them on hills or stick birdies on the sixth, on sticks and wattle, huddled together in that there are forces shouted:

    "Larks Arrivals
    Studená winter blown,
    Bring Warm Springs:
    We are tired of winter,
    All the bread we ate! "

    After roasted birds usually eat, and gave their cattle heads or gave the mother, saying: "As an early bird to fly high, so that your high and linen was. What a lark, my head, and so was the linen-headed. "

    With these birds on larks zasevalschik chosen family. To do this, baked bird coin, splinter, etc., and men, regardless of age, pulled himself baked bird. Who dropped the lot, and he threw the first handful of grain during the early planting.