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    Kolyada God - December 25

    "Once Kolyada perceived not as a mummer. Kolyada was a god, and one of the most influential. Kolyada clicked, invited. Kolyada dedicated New Year's Eve, in his honor were held games, then commit to Christmastime. Last patriarchal ban on worship Kolyada was issued December 24, 1684. It is believed that the Slavs Kolyada admitted for the deity of fun, because of that, and called it, clicked on New Year festivities merry gang of young people. "
    A.Strizhev "National Calendar"

    Kolyada - the sun-child, in Slavic mythology - the embodiment of the New Year cycle and the character of holidays, similar to Ovsenem.

    Kolyada was celebrated winter holidays from December 25 (rotation of the sun in the spring) on ​​January 5-6.

    Slavs celebrate carols, when the day "on the sparrow gallop" arrived and began to flare up the winter sun. Before the festival magician howling wolf (prophetic howling), banishing evil spirits. At the end of intonation, all brought near Bratina with intoxicating drink, and obavnik (reading slavleniya and sentences for ceremonies during the holidays), exclaims:

    "Ovsen where you're going? Bridges Bridges!
    Who ride? Kolyada Tsar!
    What is it to drive?
    On the sunny pig!
    Than drive?
    A pig! "

    New Year's Eve caroling children gathered under the windows of the rich peasants, the owner was called in songs, confirmed the name of Christmas Kolyada and asked for money. Svyatoshnye merrymaking and divination - the remains of the ancient festival. Rites preserved in the nation and have recently become more popular. "Kolyadniki" deck themselves in clothing, depict animals, devils, with music, with his bag, which collects food, walking the streets, singing Christmas carols. Kolyada - cheerful, desired deity.

    Ritual eating cookies in the form of cows (loaf, bagels), commemorated the Tour. Instead of a sacrificial lamb eating cookies in the form of a sheep's head (bagels, pretzels). Definitely need to try and uzvar kutyu. The holiday ends with merrymaking. Definitely need to roll a burning wheel in the mountain, saying, "In the Mount scram, to turn again in the spring."