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  • Karna-day Wailers - April 7

    Karna (Kara, Karina)

    Karna (Kara, Karina) - goddess of sadness, sorrow and grief, the ancient Slavs she plays the role of the goddess-mourners, and possibly the goddess of funeral rites.

    It was believed that if a soldier dies away from home, the first of his mourning goddess Karna. Heavenly patron goddess of rebirth and human reincarnation. On behalf of the Goddess appeared the words which have survived to the present day: the incarnation, reincarnation. She gives each the right to get rid of their lives committed errors, indiscretions and fulfill its destiny prepared for the supreme god Rod.

    Today - the second call to the ancestors, the day of the funeral of the goddess, weeping, sorrow and tears. In "The Lay of Igor's Campaign" says:

    "Oh, far away Zayd falcon birds bya to the sea! And Igor's regiment would hrabrago kresiti! Click for him Karna, and zhlya poskochi the Russian land, Smaghi mychyuchi in plamyane rose. Rusko vsplakashas wife, arkuchi: "For us their lovely fashion smysliti no thoughts, no dumoyu sdumati nor ochima sglyadati and gold and silvery or nay potrepati!"

    (Oh, the falcon flew away, beating the birds, the sea! And Igor's brave regiment has not risen! Clicked on it Karna, and Zhelya rode on Russian soil, the fire from spreading flaming horns. Wives Russian wept, saying, "For us to her dear mood or thought sense, nor dumoyu sdumat or eyes bewitch, and gold and silver and do not hold in their hands! ").

    On the table on the night of Karna leave kutyu funeral (this wheat porridge with raisins or honey), and in the yards of homes bonfires around which heated souls of ancestors.

    Also brings Treba Karnei grief - the flowers, especially carnations. Since pagan times of the old Slavic tradition bring grave carnations - a symbol of grief and sorrow.