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  • Karachun (Korochun) - December 21

    Karachun (Korochun, Chernobog) - December 21

    Day of pagan worship Karachun (Chernobog middle name), celebrated on December 21, falls on the day of the winter solstice - the shortest day of the year and one of the coldest days of winter. It was believed that on this day takes its formidable power Karachun - deity of death, underworld god commanding frost, an evil spirit. The ancient Slavs believed that he commands in the winter and cold weather, and shortens the daytime.

    Servants formidable Karachun - Bears-rods, which turn into storms and blizzards, wolves. It was believed that the bear will and icy winter lasts: turn bear in his den on the other side, then, and exactly half of the winter road to the spring go left. Hence the saying: "The Sun's Bear's Lair is rotated from one side to the other."

    The people the term "Karachun" in the sense of destruction, death is used to this day. They say, for example, "he went Karachun", "expect Karachun", "set Karachun", "Enough Karachun." On the other hand, the word "Karachi" can have the following values ​​- back to back away, crawling, "skoryachilo" - Crouching, cramped. Perhaps Karachun so called precisely because he seems to be made the day go in the opposite direction, back away, crawl on all fours, giving way to the night.

    Gradually, in the popular mind Karachun friends with Frost, who holds down the chill ground, as it were, plunging her into a death sleep. This is a more innocuous way than severe Karachun. Frost - just ruler winter cold.