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  • Intra January 18

    Intra is the god of springs, wells, snakes and clouds

    Intra (Zmiulan, Indrik-beast Vyndrik) - son of Zemun Dyje (Night Sky), brother of "Lizard" and his opponent. Intra is the god of springs, wells, snakes and clouds. Connection with the water element indicates its Navyu nature (Nav in East Slavic mythology, the spirit of death and the dead).

    Night nymphs began talking tube houses through which Nav entering homes. Intra - inhabitant of the dungeon, and in the traditions of the Slavs had said: "As the sun in the sky, and the intro - in Navi".

    In the Indian Vedas Intra - a demon, and the king-snake. The last points that Inter snakes inhabit, and the Intra - husband Snakes Paraskeva. According to our Vedas, Zmiulan - winner of the goat-Pan (son of the Wii), in fact - his cousin (as Dyj and Wii - brothers).

    In the Acts of the intro is and valor, and meanness, and honest victory and cruelty. Despite the fact that he was a demon snake, he is fighting on the same side with Perun. Most of all, it is close to people from "military Triglav" (Perun-Intra Volh). If Perun - it is pure "martial truth" Volkhov - Witchcraft, violence, and dark anger, Intra - is Light and Darkness, the struggle of opposites.

    Intra, riding astride a unicorn - the patron of soldiers, a symbol that embodies Ratna valor and bravery.