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    Holiday goddess Lada

    The special status of goddess Lada - the great goddess of spring and summer of fertility and protector of weddings, married life - led plurality on her holidays: they were six times a year, from early March to mid-September. Related to the goddess Lada ceremonies usually held in conjunction with the spring-summer and autumn cycle of holidays.

    In particular, it is the "goddess Lada" and her daughter Lelia (Lelnik) and asked permission to call spring. Then appealed to the goddess before the summer field work. The remaining practices were associated with the spring-summer cycle of prayers for rain, the first green holiday, first shoots, the first and last ears.

    On the feast of "Red Hill", which is more focused on the goddess Lada, the girls were playing "And we planted millet, sowed." Its location was a hill (Red Hill). The players were divided into two groups - one sung of millet, the other - his trampling. Trampling Marks the end of the cycle - threshing grain.

    Perhaps it is like revels described chronicler, who noted that the Slavs "ustraivasha revels mezhyu Selonians umykahu wife and that myself." The researchers also found that the goddess Lada and appealed to the well-being of the future of marriage. Often it is in the middle of the summer, the fall, the decision on the conclusion of marriage, although the wedding was played much later, after the end of the field work.

    Goddess worship cycle ends after grain harvesting (late August-September), so the last holiday-related Lada, was a celebration of the autumn equinox. (September 8-9, old style) and 22 September on the new.