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    Holiday cuckoo (kumlenie)

    In the last week of May, the Slavs celebrate Cuckoos. The main feature of this festival - the establishment of the spiritual connection between the girls, who had no more children for mutual help and support. Young people, mostly women, gathered in the forest clearing, danced, sang funny songs about spring and Zhivu (the cuckoo is a link between the Zhivoy and young girls), jumped over the ritual fire and staged a small symbolic feast.

    On this day, the only time in the year, it was pokumitsya, that is the soul of intermarry with any loved one. This would have to kiss a birch wreath (birch - a symbol of love and purity of the Slavs) and utter the following words:

    Kumis, kumis, Rodney, Rodney, we have for two - a common life.
    No joy, no tears, no words, no case - we are not be separated.

    Kumlenie accompanied by special "kumitnymi" songs:

    "Kuma with godmother, pokumimsya!
    In order for the whole year not to abuse us.
    Kuma, no swearing!
    Kuma, do not fight!
    Kuma, make up!
    Pokumimsya, chum!
    Perfume, the soul!
    Do not scold us, chum!
    Before Pentecost! "

    For lovers of young people:
    "Kumis, kumis, Rodney, Rodney,
    us for two - a common life.
    No joy, no tears, no word
    any case - we are not be separated. "

    Then, we had to share anything on the memory. In this case, the girl dressed Zhivoy, holding a piece Kukushechka: believed that forest bird hears the oath and give her Zhiva (Givet).

    In different parts of Slavic Russia party had its own rituals and customs, but common to all remained kumleniya idea.