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  • Gromnitsa - February 2


    Gromnitsa - the only day in the winter, when the storm can happen - you can hear the thunder and see the lightning. Therefore Serbs call this holiday "Svjetlo."

    Day devoted wife of Perun Dodola-Malanitse (Lightning) - goddess of lightning and feeding children.

    Gromnitsa in the dead of winter reminds us that even the most terrible disasters can be a ray of light - as a bright lightning in the middle of a fierce winter. There is always hope. Malanitsu Slavs celebrated for what it gives them hope for a speedy spring.

    Gromnitsu on the weather forecast the weather. What is the weather that day - so is the whole February. Clear, sunny day brought an early spring.

    On Gromnitsu drops - in early spring believe if blizzard Razgulyaev - long the weather blizzard, to the end of the month.