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    Goddess Bereginya. Slavic Goddess. Slavic mythology

    The ancient Slavs believed Bereginya - is the great goddess that produced all things. Radiant accompany her everywhere riders embody the sun. To her most frequently accessed during the ripening grain - it shows belonging to the supreme goddess of the patrons of the human race.

    Some scholars believe that the name "Guardian" is similar to the name of Perun the Thunderer and with the Old Slavonic word "pregynya" - "hill overgrown with forest." In turn, the word is related to the word "lea", "Bearer". But the rituals of evocation spell Bereguinias accomplishes usually elevated, undulating river banks.

    Perhaps equally significant is the word "guardian". After all, the great goddess was created to protect its people!

    Gradually, our ancestors believed that Bereguinias lives in the light of a set, they live in the woods. The cult of the great Beregin presented birch - the embodiment of the heavenly lights, light, and over time it became especially birch honored to "Rusal": ancient pagan festivities in honor Bereguinias - forest mermaids.

    According to popular belief, the Bereguinias accessed betrothed bride, who died before the wedding. For example, those women who have committed suicide because of treacherous betrayal of the groom. This is different from a water-nymphs, who always live in the water, there are born. On the mermaid, or Trinity, week, time of flowering rye Bereguinyas appeared from another world: the output from the earth, descending from heaven on birch branches, emerges from the rivers and lakes. They combed her long tresses green, sitting on the bank and staring into the dark water, swinging on birch trees, wove garlands, tumbled in green rye, danced and lured to his young beauties. Every guy was for Bereguinyas lost her fiance, and many are brought to mind the beauty and cruelty.

    But that ended a week dances, dances - and Bereguinyas left earth to go back to the light. On the day of Ivan Kupala people would arrange them off: having fun, wearing animal masks, playing the harp, jumped over bonfires.

    Goddess Bereginya. Slavic Goddess. Slavic mythology

    Bereginya: slender young woman

    Slender young, seductive woman with alluring and exciting voice in such a manner as presented to us Bereginya. Virgo with magnificent breasts and green eyes that are alluring glance appears to us either in a shirt or nude. Long hair, which is always dissolved and have a green or a light color.

    Bereginya: legend

    Bereginya lives in water preferring empty and hollow places, rarely goes out on the rocks where the trees that grow near the coast. Preference busty beauty gives weeping birch or willow. If you catch this temptress guard can see traces of which remain on the wet sand, and usually hides them Bereginya searching through sand.

    Bereginya comes ashore as a single or with friends. Here they have the fun begins. Bathing beauties, its enticing and seductive voices sing funny songs, Auca together, weave a wreath of flowers that decorate her beautiful hair. With games, singing and dancing play around them.

    Bereguinyas love while splashing in the water with fishermen to confuse the network. Spoil dam and millstones from millers. During the game often steal women yarn and thread. Seeing passer Beregin love to tickle him after attract his attention. In such cases, helps wormwood if you throw it in their faces, it will scare and soothe them. When they get bored they wrap behind the wings of geese, one after another.

    Goddess Bereginya. Slavic Goddess. Slavic mythology

    Bereginya: magic item - crest

    Have Beregin magical thing - it's crest. With it, she can flood a dry place. Bereginya comb combing his gorgeous long hair so it moistens itself during combing through it flowing water. If her hair is dry Bereginya dies, which is why it will never stray too far from the coast and live in the water.

    Beregin love turning heads young guys. A handsome young man can not resist the alluring look and charm of these busty beauties.