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    God Perun. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology

    God Perun, the Slavic mythology, the most famous of the brothers Svarozhich. He is the god of storm clouds, thunder and lightning.

    Maybe that's a violent temper princes and warriors chosen Perun his heavenly leader. Grand Duke Vladimir Svyatoslavich put him in charge of the other gods and established a monument next to the princely palace in Kiev. After the baptism of Rus himself commanded to overthrow him and drown in the waters of the Dnieper. People ran after and shouted "Vydybay, O God" ("comes up, O God"). The place where the waves washed ashore wooden statue of Thunder, and to this day is called Vydubychi. Podol was built one of the oldest churches in Kiev Elijah (Christian replacement Perun). Before entering the church shows a gray-haired man, ascended to heaven in a chariot drawn by fiery horses.

    Perun parents were Svarog and Lada (from her second name, fame, gave the name of the Slavs). The birth of Perun was marked by a powerful earthquake.

    In the ancient "Book of Carols," says: "Then thunder rumbled in the sky, then with flashing lightning in the clouds, and there was the light, like lightning, the Son of Svarog Perun the Thunderer."

    No sooner had the baby to grow, as it stole Skiper-beast (ie poluchelovek-poluskorpion. It is described in the ancient Sumerian-Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh. Skiper guarded the entrance to the underworld.) Taking with him a monster and sisters of Perun - goddesses live, Maren and Lelia. Perun Skiper plunged into eternal sleep and goddesses turned into hairy monsters. Harmony in the mountain called his older sons and told them to immediately go in search of Perun and sisters. Those turned in prophetic birds - Syrian, Alcon and Stratima, flew around the globe. All circled, and found not a trace of baby Perun. Just noticed sitting at the entrance to the dungeon Skiper-beast. Anyone with a Svarozhich immediately disappeared. Brothers understood, where they search for loss, and fell into the dungeon. Long made their way through the gloomy passages and finally saw the sleeping deep sleep Perun. Over the years, he grew up, became a man, but that's only to wake him from a dead slumber could not manage. Then sent Svarozhich bird Gamayun in Repeyskie holy mountain for Surya - the water of life. Washed her brother, and he got up alive and well. How came to Perun, and said that revenge Skiper-beast and sisters sure will find.

    God Perun. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology

    He overcame many obstacles in the darkness, Navi, with many horrors faced, but still found a live, Maren and Lelia, Skiperom transformed into monsters. Disenchanted Perun sisters and went to the palace Skipera that of human bone complex byl.Krepko they seized and long fought. Perun finally lifted the enemy and threw it onto the ground. Mother Earth Cheese parted forever swallowed Skipera.

    After this victory, Perun went to the heavenly world - right. There, he met a beautiful daughter of the sky god Dyje (the Greeks called it Zeus) and the moon goddess Divii - Diva-Dodola. Perun liked it, and he offered the young goddess to marry him. But the night virgin scared of Thunder, burst into tears and ran away. Perun is not backed down from planned and went after her. So he came to the house and Dyje woo his daughter. Diva's father did not immediately reply to the groom, and invited him to his house to talk and dinner.

    And while they were talking, there was a problem: the Black Sea crawled monster - a three-headed serpent. He saw the diva and decided to kidnap her. Fuss, began to cry and destroy everything around. Heard his Dyj with Perun and left the palace. Both Thunder flashed in his lightning monster snake and drove to the bottom of the sea.

    After this battle Dyj agreed to give his daughter to Perun. They soon married and celebrated. Since then, the diva was called Peryn or Perunitsey - wife of Perun. They had a daughter, Deva. Force she went to our father, excessive pride - in the mother. From both parents learned magic skills: able to turn around any animal, fish in the sea and in the mighty bird. Therefore become the great ohotnitsey.Ona jumped on Forests, accompanied by two scary wolves, who followed her as ordinary dog. Any game extracted and did not know in his fun unmatched. Because Dewan terribly proud and decided to conquer the heavenly abode of the gods, to shake off the throne of Svarog and the rightmost three worlds: the law, reality and Navyu. I learned about her plans Dazhdbog and all told Perun. Thunder terribly angry and rushed toward his daughter. Caught sight of her in the woods and growled like an animal. Immediately grievous wolves Virgo, tails between their legs in fear ran away.

    Perun began to exhort her daughter, and she stands on its know - grab Rule, become ruler of the worlds, and I will serve Svarog. Nothing to do but thunder, how to call a hunter for the fight. Father and daughter put a spear and rushed toward each other on swift horses. Crossed spears and scattered chips. They took their swords, but they broke down on the power turned udarov.Togda Dewan predatory lioness jumped from growling at his father. And he became a mighty lion. Paw knocked her on her back. Here, for the first time in my life, scared virgin. Turned into a bird and tried to fly away, but Perun in the guise of an eagle caught it and threw it down. Hunter slid the fish in the water, and Perun, and this time it outsmarted: seine caught daughter. Dewan cried, begged his father for forgiveness, vowed to continue to listen to him. On that they made it up.

    Dewan was known to many people. The Greeks called her Artemis and acknowledged that Hunter - Slavic goddess. Romans, only slightly altered it her name was called Diana. Many adventures Perun known from the myths of different nations, tales and Russian legend about Ilya Muromets. In Novgorod, was the most famous sanctuary of Perun in Russia, built a wheel with six spokes - Thunder sign. Thunder sign was cut and every Slavic house - as protection from lightning Perun. Perun is mentioned in chronicles in contracts Rus and Slavs with Romeo (Prince Oleg - 907 a year, Prince Igor - 945 years old, Prince Svyatoslav - 971 year). Svarozhich (Perun - in Russian chronicles Perunova, Perun, that is Jupiter - in "Mater Verborum", Peroun - in "Word and the revelation of the Holy Apostles" from the teachings of the 14th century against paganism).

    God Perun. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology

    As elinsky god (a reference to Zeus) is commemorated in the "Sermon on mzdoimanii" (list of XVI century) and in the "Word of repentance" (list of XVI century). The supreme god of the pantheon book. Vladimir - the god of the ruling military elite, Prince and guards. God punishes non-compliance Reveal and law. Comprehensive information on the idol of Perun found in the "Gustinskoy Chronicle": "First Perkonos, B is Perun, byashe their senior bog, sozdan to podobie human, he also Bb rukah byashe is precious stone like unto a fire, it is a sacrifice to God Thou prinoshahu and fire neugasayuschiy z oak dreviya constantly palyahu, If ye have happened if a neradeniem sluzhaschago iereya fire when these things fade away, as takovago iereya bez any izveta ubivahu and mercy. "

    I must admit that among the supporters of Prince Dmitry Ivanovich, then - another ally Khan Takhtamyshev were baptized Tatars, and, perhaps, not only baptized. Busting receiver Mamaia Moscow in 1382, made strongly suppress this fact in Russian history and apply the battle of Kulikovo in the interests of the Orthodox Church. Perun's day - Thursday. Highlights the day Elijah (August 2) and the period from 20 July to 2.4 in August. Also note Perun on 21 June ("Fedor Stratilat thunderstorms rich") His metal - tin, his stone - thunderbolt (thunderbolt-Perunova arrows), sapphire, lapis lazuli, wood - oak, beech. Was associated with fertility, in Orthodoxy correlated with Ilya the Prophet, as protector of the world from yavego navego, literally at a later time is correlated with Zeus owning a thunderbolt. Correlates with Perk┼źnas Balts Thor Scandinavians Tarinisom - Celts.

    So, Perun, son of Svarog senior:
    1. God of thunder and lightning, as Skyfire
    2. Patron of soldiers and princely warriors.
    3. Ruling God, God punishes failure laws.
    4. Defender Reveal.
    5. The bearer of male power.

    Symbolism temple - oak idol, stone, or two stones on both sides of the idol, the sacrificial fire, burn before an idol, a six-rayed wheel on the idol, a symbol of lightning and arrows, and even if the actual Thunderbolt idol. Probably pagans did not cut living trees for idols - alive, but the old, powerful oak has been for them a symbol of worship, applying a gold and silver paint features. Oak, venerated particularly struck by lightning and amulets, staffs, wands, arrows made from it were considered the best guardians of the Na'vi.