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    God Ovsen. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology

    God has been Carols twin Ovsen (or Avsenev), who was born a little later, and therefore considered the second, junior. He also landed a role in practice exercise the divine knowledge taught by people Kolyada.

    In the "Book of Carols," says:
    As two falcons flew - and Ovsen Kolyada!
    There summer - winter here!
    As they were flying - all the people looked.
    As they sat down - all the people were amazed.
    As they fluttered - all people breathe ...

    Honoring the two brothers were in the same season - winter. First celebrated carols, then went to the villages "ovsenschiki" Slavia Ovsenya. "Summer" in the song symbolizes the eternal welfare of life in heaven. "Winter" - is the difficulty of earthly life. Not long ago, on the Belarusian villages for the New Year led the two brothers. One, dressed and beautiful, was Kolyada, the other, in all the old and tattered - Ovsen. Into the house, covered brothers curtain, and the landlord had to choose one of the two "carols". Guess the first - he will be all good luck and happiness in life and a good harvest. Well, if you choose the latter, then here it is the opposite: continuous care and labor, and the harvest will still collect meager.

    But take on not worth it - there is not for life, but only for a year. The following carols should try his luck again, maybe it will smile creature. The main thing that should remember: heavenly - Kolyada - above the earth - Ovsenya, choose to it.

    Ovsen - is a bridge to the future, in which brother Carols first forwarded in the coming new year. He first goes to the unknown future, meets there with evil spirits, dispels it, and thus paves the way people like to say, "Welcome to your new life," After that, people began to bake special cookies - as a lark, who should not only treat relatives and neighbors, children and strangers, but also the elements - fire and water, so that they were obedient to the new year and did not give people trouble.

    The famous Russian explorer Alexander Afanasyev beliefs assumed that the original name of this god - Usen (why so many variants of the name - Avsenev, Bausen, Tausenev). This is a Russian form of the name of the god of the dawn, which is known as Usinsha Latvians and Lithuanians - as Ausra. Other nations saw the dawning of a goddess and called: Ancient Indians - Ushas, ​​Greeks - Eos, the Romans - Aurora. This luminous goddess knew our ancestors, revered it as the dawn-Zaryanitsu. Ovsen same day did not start as a year full of work and worry. Carol and his brother Ovsen - real person who lived in the land of eight and a half thousand years ago. Much of Ovsene can be found by the ancient Russian epic of King Gain Good. In any case, this person before you become a god, did many heroic deeds, and worthy to be descendants of him remember.