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    God Lel. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology

    God Lel or Lelya, Lelo, Lubitsch, in the mythology of the ancient Slavs - the god of erotic passion. About Lele - this fun, frivolous god passion - still resembles the word "cherish" that is, to indulge, to love. He is the son of the goddess of beauty and love Ladas, and beauty, of course, gives rise to passion. This is especially true feeling flared in spring and midsummer night. Lel portrayed as a golden-haired, like the mother, the winged baby: because love is free and elusive. Lel metal sparks from hands: for passion - it is a fiery, hot love! In Slavic mythology Lel same god as the Greek or the Roman Cupid Eros. Only the ancient gods strike hearts arrows, and Lel burn after his ardent flame.

    He was regarded as a sacred bird stork. Another name for this bird in some Slavic languages ​​- Leleka. Due to Lelem revered and cranes, and larks - symbols of spring.

    Magic pipe

    In times immemorial lived a srebrovolosy shepherd. His father and mother loved each other, which they called the name of God the firstborn of the passion of love - Lel. Beautiful boy playing a pipe, and the fascination of the play of the heavenly Lel presented namesake magic flute of reed. To the sound of the flute dancing even wild beasts, trees and flowers danced, and the birds sang divine play Lola.

    And fell in love with a beautiful cowgirl dawn. But as it may be trying to rekindle the passion in his heart, it was all in vain: Lel if ever got carried away with his magic power over nature, and did not pay any attention Svetanu. And then ambushed by angry beauty moment when Lel pritomlenny noonday heat, dozing in the birch, and quietly took from him a magic flute. Killed and burned in the fire in the evening - in the hope that rebellious shepherd now, then it finally fall in love.

    But getting light was wrong. Not finding his flute, Lel fell into a deep melancholy, depressed, and in the fall and did extinguished like a candle. He was buried on the river bank, and soon grew around the grave cane. He sadly sang in the wind, and the birds of heaven he sang along.

    Since then, all the shepherds skillfully playing the flute of reed, but are rarely happy in love ...