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    The name of the Russian God, perhaps, is known to all, because of Christmas Eve until the day of Veles from house to house went mummers kolyadniki and sang special songs - Christmas carol:

    Freak Kolyada
    Rozhestva eve,
    Over the hill, the steep,
    Beyond the river, for the fast ...
    ... Oh, Kolyada Koliada
    You come in, Kolyada
    Before Christmas!

    But that's who this Kolyada, which means his name and why his feast day falls on the winter solstice, no one knew. There were various suggestions that supposedly Kolyada - ancient god of cheerful feasts that his name comes from the word "colony" (circle), carols may have something to do with witchcraft. Well, each assuming a part of the truth, it is a pity that people have forgotten the great teacher of life. In ancient times, his name is always mentioned next to the roof, they were called small creators, as opposed to the great creators - Rod and Svarog.

    Kryshen brought fire to people, taught to cook the sacred drink of Surya and saved from physical extinction. What did Kolyada?

    He was born 8500 years ago (that is, seven millennium BC) to save humanity from the spiritual degeneration. Collected 60 High Priests of different people, Kolyada began teaching Vedic knowledge is forgotten. It was the third divine revelation to people.

    The first law of life gave Rod. Its essence lies in the fact that life is infinite and omnipresent, it is - God. Life on Earth came from the gradual descent of God on the planet, first in the form of his son, Rod, then in the form of Svarog. At that time, the world was divided into three parts: the law, reality and Nav. People existing in Manifest, must strive to heaven. He must avoid evil and darkness - Navi. The second law of life gave the world Velez. A movement of people from darkness to light, the movement of the sun.

    The third law to tell people Kolyada. He told the audience around the sages of the Great Colo Svarog, the Day and Night of Svarog, and established the first calendar (the name it means "Christmas Carols gifts"). In other words, Kolyada brought people out of the momentary existence, detailing how time moves and what changes to expect from him. The doctrine contained in the "Book of Carols," tells the story of the Great and Lesser Triglav.