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    God Kitovras. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology

    Perhaps the most famous of all the gods of pre-Christian Russia until now remained, oddly enough, not Rod, Svarog and Perun, a centaur Kitovras and patroness of women Mokosh. Only know them by name and molded out of clay. It is painted whistles, which can blow everyone: people believe that this whistle drives away evil spirits.

    Legends about Kitovras are to ancient times Aryan Unity and therefore known to many people. In India the tradition of Gandhi-Harvey, in Iran - about Gandarve, Greece - about Hiron, in Scandinavia - the mighty giant, built with the help of his heroic horse city of the gods of Asgard. The myths of the Semitic peoples - this demonic assistant Solomon. Celts Kitovras many acts attributed to Merlin, particularly magical peresenesenie by air from Ireland to Britain Stonehenge.

    What is the original story? In the "Book of Carols" tells the story of how the month, languor loneliness, decided to steal from God Hors his wife - a beautiful Dawn-Zaryanitsu. He himself was not the forces, and therefore decided to seek help from month to the magician Kitovras, lived in the Caucasus mountains. Just ask for help can not - fail. So, you have to make, but how? Month turned to his wife Kitovras, mermaids, and asked how to overcome it hitromudrogo husband.

    She said that the Centaur great lover of wine, and when drunk, then it can handle even a child. Month filled the wells with wine. Kitovras drunk, month, bound him, and agreed to release only when he vowed that kidnap Dawn.

    Kitovras built a flying ship and set it into a shining palace Dawn. Then persuaded her to ride on it and as soon as trustful goddess mounted the ship, which is the spirit of the departed to month. The crime was opened immediately. Horse immediately rushed in pursuit of a stolen wife. And after him - all Svarozhich. Dawn back and punish the Month: Semargl cut it in half. And as soon as he healed the wound, again growing, Semargl again beats his sword.

    No matter how justified Kitovras that month to force him to go to this treachery, got the nuts to him. The redemption of the offense was to build a centaur in the sacred Mount Elbrus unprecedented temple in honor of the Most High. But "build" - wrong word, the church had to be carved out of solid rock Alatyr, without the use of iron (iron could not touch the sparkling white stone). Even a magician Kitovras was not able to do. So he said Horsey. I had to seek the help of a powerful bird Gamayun whose claws were sharper than any steel. Together, they have created a stone and a miracle. In the "Book of Carols" are his exact dimensions: in length - 60, width - 20, height - 30 cubits.

    If we consider that the elbow - a measure of length equal to 38-46 centimeters, the options get considerable: nearly 30h10h15 meters. But the task was not to hit the size of the building. The temple was built in the mountains, almost to the sky. He stood at eighty pillars around it was defeated Erie, that is, a paradise, a garden, surrounded by a fence made of pure silver. Inside the walls of the church were decorated with gold and gems. Flaps 12 doors and 12 windows were completely covered with patterns of carnelian, topaz, emerald, chalcedony, sapphires and other precious stones. When the light rays fall on this priceless mosaics, it seemed that her stories come to life: flush with the branch and sent to the flight of birds, animals go into the tall grass between the trees, whose leaves flutter in the wind. Near the temple, and a wonderful garden at Mt Aryan city was built, the entrance to which is open to the public. Description given in his famous poem of the Iranian "Shah-Nameh":

    You say, not the city - a pagan temple:
    Flowers, all adorned with brocade there ...
    City spread like heaven to him,
    Captivating unprecedented shine your ...
    Treasures everywhere: there - a treasure of gold,
    Here Lala and pearls shine in beauty ...
    In the diamond piece, smart, slim,
    Flaunt fresh virgin spring.

    The Sun Temple, built by birds Kitovras Gamayun, remember many people. First, as we have said, all retold story in its own way: it is Asgard, the city erected White spirits, the first temple, the Stonehenge. Second, he is remembered as the celestial city, the abode of the gods and saints. In other words, heaven on earth. Third, the Russian church, like stone and wood, built in imitation of the Elbrus temple, the walls were decorated with carved images of birds and animals, the altar was given the name of the sacred stone Alatyr; church lamp was named after an ancient god - "Horos" and even pulpit, preaching from the priest, comes from the ancient word "mov" - "speak."

    Mention of Kitovras can quite accurately determine the time of construction of the temple - this is the era of Sagittarius, that is 20-19 thousand years BC In later times the temple was destroyed many times - from natural disasters, military raids and accompanying looting. His restored and ... destroyed again.

    According to Zoroastrian tradition, it still existed in the second millennium BC and was captured by the legendary king of Rustam. There is indirect evidence and ancient authors. The last mention of the Sun temple belongs to the IV century BC. Then a wave of Hun and Gothic migrations erased the last traces of the heavenly city. But even in the X century historian and traveler, Abu al-Hasan ibn al-Husayn al-Masudi wrote: "In Slavic lands were revered building. Between the other was in their house on the hill, on which philosophers wrote that she is one of the highest mountains in the world (that is, we are talking about Elbrus - the highest mountain of the Caucasus). On this building there is a story: the quality of its construction, the location of its heterogeneous rocks and their different colors of the hole made in the upper part, that is built into these holes to watch the sunrise on the situation there, and precious stones Signs that indicate future events, there was the sound of his dome and that is perceived by hearing these sounds. "