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    God Dogoda. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology

    Dogoda in Slavic mythology, the god of quiet, pleasant wind and clear weather, the complete opposite of his ferocious brother patron Pozvizdu winds.

    Ruddy, a young man in cornflower rusokudry wreath in silver-blue outfit with semi-precious wings behind the back Dogoda slowly passes over the earth, making the sign of it with his smile, gentle eyes, always friendly waving flowering branches rozovotsvetnogo hips.

    Submissive to his will float high above the pack light-winged clouds. Our ancestors saw in their fantastic shapes and heavenly mountains, and the palaces of the giants, and flying carpets, and chariots deities. Seen them, of course, and the boat, which sit in the long-dead ancestors, occasionally visiting birthmarks edge. They make sure that they honor the descendants of ancestral memory, respect ancient customs, they honor their gods.

    God Dogoda had their own churches, but no other victims but cheerful, gentle songs and dances, was unwilling to accept. In the old days the youth into the fall going into someone else's house for gatherings. Fooling around, telling scary stories, and the case, played Dogodu. The young man was blindfolded, and some of the girls sang in a whisper in his ear about the dove Dogodu. If you guess "Dogoda" songstress who - immediately kisses her, after that choose "Dogodoyu" the other guy - as long as it's not peretseluyutsya.